Men’s Olympic Marathon – Wow

I had gotten to bed pretty late last night (long day with the Ironman, will post soon) but got up a 6 to watch the marathon…. Then Ryan drops out, Abdi drops out… it gets a bit tiring and dissapointing, you know?? it’s always the SAME thing…  There will never be a fun olympic marathon like the women’s Beijing… I remembered screaming like a maniac for the last hour. By mile 22 the two Kenyans take off, Uganda is following, I was sure he’d be dropped soon. Who is he anyway?

I was just hoping Gomez Dos Santos, on 4th by then, would surge up. Me, rooting for a brazilian… I do like him though, saw him win in NYC enough, he’s cool. Meb on 6th…

But this insane Ugandan, cause he has to be insane, surges up (on a turn AND uphill no less, BA!) by Mile 23. 23. Dude, how are you gonna keep this up for 3 miles, Are you mental??? I was screaming again… The kenyans though he’d come right back. He looked back a lot, a tactic I am guessing. He KNEW exactly what he was doing. I felt bad for him though, I had no idea.

Mile 24 he looks like he’s out for an easy run. Mile 25, he’s sure he’s got it. Kenyan-Kip is only 12 seconds behind but this guy is already waving and smiling. He had it. He knew it.

This was SO amazing to watch. So inspiring. So BA. And his smile…!

PS: Meb did great too.

Men’s Olympic Marathon – Wow

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