“Hello Elizabeth, this is (my cardiologist’s name)…” Say What?

I got a call from my super shady cardiologist who never wants anyone to know his name. Would you blame him? I talk about him all the time, but he’s the manwhowillnotbenamed. Ha.
I did my stress echo, forgot all about it. He called me to tell me the results.
My ejection fraction had been around 20 when after had the heart attack. It went up in the last years (since I started running/marathoning/beingacrazymaniacashewouldsay. Last time we checked was 14 months ago. It was 56. He said that was “borderline normal”. Whatever, I will take it.
This time I told him I was shooting for 70. Apparently that was some crazy crap number because he rolled his eyes and told me I was being ridiculous and that if it was the same as last time I should be quite happy. Numbers, numbers, we runners loooooove numbers. I really wanted a PR (though I have no clue what my EF was pre-heart-frying incident).
He called me with the number.
Apparently that is “great” and “normal”, whatever it all means, he said he was “happy”.
My cardiologist is “happy”. happy. I will NEVER get over this. 
This is probably the same as a gold medal, wouldn’t you say?
PS: It’s Ironman Weekend in NYC!!! I have a Team in Training team of 63 people doing it, but they just loaded crazy sewage into the Hudson. This will be an interesting couple of days. Stay toooned!

“Hello Elizabeth, this is (my cardiologist’s name)…” Say What?

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