Size?? Who Cares, It’s Monster Month!

Last week I was trying on a cute skirt at a store, I poked my head out and ask the girl there Do these come in anything smaller than a zero?

There was a long line of women waiting for the fitting rooms. They ALL turned around and stared at me. ALL of them. Some gasped. You’d think I had just screamed bloody murder. 

I was hopping they’d have a 00 or something… As soon as I get out, and told my friend about it, how everyone turned as if I had said something ridiculous, she said the problem is you live in a fantasy world where that is normal. how many of your friends are non-runners?

Really? NOT all runners are skinny. And my sister is way tinier than me and she’s not a runner… at all. But I guess I got used to having people around that don’t get shocked by that and/or are not so judgemental…! SO glad runners (and MOST people I know!) love their bodies for what they can push them through and the milestones they can help them achieve and not just because of what they look like!!!!!!

PS: Monster Month is doing a number on me. With 40 days to go, and the highest mileage, and most intense speed, I keep losing weight everyday no matter how much I eat. It’s that month of the year when nothing fits right but everything looks good. Pretty confusing for my wardrobe. Glad it’s summer though!

Size?? Who Cares, It’s Monster Month!

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