long runs, yada yada

Earlier this week I wrote about how my long runs were going great and how monster month was making me lose a lot of weight. Well, the two combined just made a number on this weekend’s 16 miler. I had lots 5 pounds since last weekend, and I was down to 6.5after the long run!! That, added to the little sleep I got this week, the 5K with no rest/recovery, made me a MESS. I couldn’t even wake up before my long run. I got there late and not even sure what I was doing there, like a zombie runner. I was so tired and slow. I kept thinking of food since Mile 1, pathetic. There’s not enough Dunkin Donuts to get me back to normal!!! The big problem is, the fitter I am, the less crap I crave (shocker) so I’ve been eating really healthy, which doesn’t help me at all!!! And, even though I always do what my body feels like, this eating healthy, when I am fit, makes NO sense. It’s a pattern I always get into in monster month. I am not sure how it works, but I lose and lose and lose weight. It might be the months-after-months of long runs, the higher mileage or just a sign that I peaking…
The run was a mess and we even cut it short by mile or two. We were both super done and done with it. It’s ok, I’ve got good mileage under my belt this week. And this month. The funny part?
First, I am glad I don’t lotion much or I’d been unrecognizable!
Second, I passed out, sweaty and gross, in my mat when I was stretching after the run.
The line in the shorts is actually the zippered pocket. I was ready to sleep all day, which, of course, didn’t happen!! I really need to get some quality sleep time this week and truckloads of food!!!! Sad note: I’ve spent lots of time at the beach this past two weeks so I’ve lost all my runner’s tan… who am I???
On fun news.. Lee Saxby was in town this week for a training clinic and I got to participate! I did a little speech for the new crop of coaches and then spent some time with them, telling them my experiences, which I wish someone had prepared me with back then. I got a hand in the new materials and they’re pretty amazing. I will tell you all about it soon!

long runs, yada yada

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