I just visited Berlin…want to see?

I always wonder how to do these marathons trip right, do you go there early or stay later? I’d like to get there right before (and stay after) to be rested from my own bed but what if there is a flight delay or anything… you still have to get to the expo, get set up, change timezones… If you do everything after, you might be tired, sore too… I never know! So I split it right in between. The race was on Sunday so I left Wednesday and would leave Berlin the next Wednesday. Luckily, both my training partners, Blaise (and his wife) and Patricia were there to have some pre-race fun with.
The first day there was tough. I didn’t manage to sleep on the plane and got there at 11 am (my 5 am), changed in a second and headed out. Walked all day, and by night time I was a MESS.
Friday was worse. I was so so so tired, that by 10 I got cranky and I just wanted to sit on the sidewalk and cry. How is this happening? How am I gonna run a marathon if my feet are THROBBING!?!? I occupied Saturday and planned a boat cruise through the city (seating!), and other quietish stuff but was back in the hotel around 7 pm, and that was that. I loaded up on my usual Nutella and tried to put my feet up. I was exhausted.
But before I go into the heavy stuff, the race, some pictures I took, just 20 out of the 500 because… you know, who has time?!?
Check point Charlie. One of the main ex-crossings between East and West Berlin
berlin (1)
The Reischtag, or Parliament. I has a 6 story high ceiling you can walk up and it has 360 degrees georgeous views of the city!
Bradenburg Gate, aka, the finish of the marathon, from the Reichstag. Only gate that survived the wars and the main symbol of Berlin.
berlin (4)
The city is a lot more fun at night, obviously.
but cute mostly during the day!
the Tiegarten, or “their Central Park” where the marathon starts and ends, right in the middle where the Victory Statue is, that tall golden thing.
2012-09-28 13.45.14
The TV tower, where I took these last pic from, tallest building in Germany and I was completely ocd about it. Beware: there was a long line to get up there.
More pics from the TV Tower
Wasser (water), and the Spree (the canal).
The Cathedral. I didn’t go in because it’s cute and I don’t want to make it burn or explode.
Not gonna lie, the Olympic Stadium was one of the most exciting things I saw… such a nerd. But so much history there!’
The Oberbaumbrucke, aka, my favorite Berlin Bridge, aka the bridge in Run Lola Run.
Longest portion of the wall left, in East Berlin, and some runner!
Another spot really worth visiting: the Jewish museum.

From the expo:

the official cars!
some turns in this race…
2012-09-27 17.16.05
new shirts!!!
A Girl’s Gotta Carboload, wherever she is!
2012-09-29 12.32.52.jpg
Stocking up for pre-race! So much cheaper in Berlin!
Whatever it takes, it’s all carbs anyway!
Luckily, everywhere I turned… there was something with Nutella!
2012-09-28 14.31.11
Okay, THIS is what I want for Christmas, my own portable weiner maker, and bun warmer! and an umbrella. perfect.
2012-09-28 13.12.13.jpg
I’ve seen bigger. That’s what she said.
the rest is coming RIGHT UP, aka, THE RACE OF A LIFETIME . Grab a drink and sit. It’s worth it, I promise. ASAP. It’s HERE.



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