Okay, I will admit it (Oh the Shame!!!): I’ve been eating vegetables (Do you? Help!)

A few Saturdays ago, I was coming back from work when I saw a tweet from Nissan (a sponsor of the NYC marathon) that they were handing out prizes to the first 10 people who showed up and said the secret word… they were two blocks from where I was. So, I turned around, showed up, and got this:

Strange to say but the last few weeks the Bullet and I had some amazing times together. It’s SO easy to use and wash… and most of it tasted yummy (I even got one smoothie to, shockingly, taste like bubble gum!). It’s super addictive, ate more vegetables and fruits in the last month than in the last twenty years! 

Of course, I put on some weight. The logic is simple, given my digestive talent, the more I eat that healthy stuff, the more I crave a good delicious juicy steak. Or a donut. Nothing replaces flavor and texture! But I digress. So I doubled on food intake…
Still, I’ve learned a few basics.
You can make a delicious smoothie with all kinds of disgusting things like broccoli, spinach, kale, younameit, as long as you put one or half a piece of fruit in it. Fruits taste a lot stronger than vegetables, so Fruits WIN. Throw in all the gross green stuff in there you’d never eat and you won’t even feel it…
Now, IF you are one of those people who discovered vegetables before me, here is how you can help: advice!
Okay, I am ok with fruits, because they are sweet, I don’t have to force myself. I am good with nuts too. I don’t really need help with things that are semi-sweet (fruits are NOT sweets!). 
The problem is the yuck stuff; aka, everything that NOT cow meat and/or sugary: vegetables.
I am going to try to solve the “vegetable” dilemma. I will find a way to make them tasty, don’t worry, and don’t send me recipes, I am not into complicated, measurements, reading, or following recipes. I will throw them in there and I WILL make it taste good.
But, I just need to know, what of the yucky stuff is really worth chowing down?. For example, Kettia swears by beets. I tried them and really saw a difference. That stuff WORKS! Eat a raw beet a day and you’ll feel it in your system!! 
Do you have any vegetables that are really a MUST HAVE? Why?
Some Conditions: no cooking, and as minimal preparation as possible!!! Same example, beets are a MESS: they need scrubbing, peeling, they bleed all over the place… my hands are red for hours!!!!! Best case scenario: rinsing and done.
So, what’s your secret weapon vegetable, and why?

Okay, I will admit it (Oh the Shame!!!): I’ve been eating vegetables (Do you? Help!)

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