My 12-12-12 Run

I’ve been having the randomest runs lately. I get one where I am dragging, and then the fastest, PR-setting runner’s high on the next one. 
Who knows? I like that I have no idea what kind of run I have around the corner.
Yesterday I woke up at 5 am, for the randomest reason (lots of randomness lately!), and decided to go run. If I didn’t run then, I was not gonna have time for three days. Looked at the temps: 36, dark as hell.
But I was feeling good… I didn’t even realize it was 12-12-12: I hadn’t woken up before 8 am in months…
It was dark, the park was quiet, I kept warming up, I threw in a couple of mile reps to make sure I was not dreaming it, the sun comes up, and you see it gleaming in the buidlings, then you just did 6 miles.
I am not sure when I had gotten scared of waking up early and running in the cold. It was fantastic. Now I just have to figure out how to make 5 am feel like 10 am in the future. I am sure that was a fluke.

My 12-12-12 Run

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