One week to the Sun!

In a week, I’ll be running around in 80s and 90s and who knows, possibly 100 degrees! Can’t wait!!!!
Packing will take two minutes.
I have been looking forward to this for a few months now.
I really need a vacation. I vacationed in Berlin and Hawaii this year and travelled to a bunch of other places as well, though mostly for work, but going to Argentina is truly a vacation: there is nothing there for me to do but hanging with the family, running, seeing friends, getting lots of it’sbeenawhile hugs and omgit’syou faces, minimal shopping, minimal touring, and one race. Call it too quiet or too boring if you want, but I think I really need to stop for a bit, and reset my brain.
I’ve really been going like crazy this year, doing way too many things (3 jobs now, 4 at some point!!) and… I need to unplug. And turn the phone off. Get off email. Look at the ceiling. Be bored. Lay there. Watch tv in espanol. Remember those summers when you were a child and you’d be bored to death?  That’s exactly what I am needing: a lot of nothing and a little running in hot-as-hell weather. I am counting the seconds! There is not even much time to run next week on my schedule: I think I will be running off the plane, through customs, all the way to a steakhouse!

One week to the Sun!

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