Heard of Trigger Point Performance Therapy?

Trigger Point PT makes all these torture devices interesting massage/stretching instruments… I went in because I was curious about the grid, this thing:

and ended up with this:
Because, when do we ever get what we want?!
That pack has everything. EVERYTHING. Those rollers are RIDICULOUS. You put them on top of the block and ouchie. Also, those roller balls are no joke. My tennis balls feel like feathers after getting used to these… I’ve been using them for a bit now and I’ve forgotten all about my masseuse (Shhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
What I like about it the most though.. is that, because it has videos, it forces me to stretch properly. Or o stretch at all.
These are the videos I got:
After my runs, I usually sit there, forget half the stretches, then get distracted, forget what I was doing and half-get-through-the-stretching-somehow, IF I get through it. With these, I set time aside, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and I know I’ll be told what to do, when to do it, how much to do, which means I will REALLY STRETCH. If left to my own device… oh, I already forgot what I was doing. I used to do this yoga-for-runners dvd a while ago, just to make sure I stretched and flexed stuff… and it wasn’t as specific as I would have liked so it got old…
The videos are for athletes so you know you’re doing the right stretching, and I’ve felt them, in that moment and/or the day after. Not all those exercises are pleasant… no need to lie here right? It has to hurt a bit sometimes to get the good out of it! Sometimes it feels like a massage, sometimes it feels like torture… and who doesn’t like that?!?!
And while at it, I also got this interesting gadget I will be trying out in the heat over the next two weeks in Argentina! It’s a cooling system, in your hand:
The website says ”Cooling the hand stimulates thermoregulation signals to the brain, which is scientifically shown to improve athletic performance and delay fatigue. The hand is the body’s natural radiator! Experience the performance benefits of a real cooling strategy today!”
I already fear that my dad is going to want to steal it inherit it for Christmas! I think I should have gotten two to make it biomechanically correct. Or to have one left.

Heard of Trigger Point Performance Therapy?

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