Two BODYGLIDE Giveaways!

Happy Monday!

Well, I am sure you have BODYGLIDE around, and if you don’t, you seriously need to get some. ASAP. you know the deal, you buy new running clothes, they might chafe somewhere (and then you scream in the shower). Or it rains, and you chafe. Or it’s hot/humid/etc and you chafe. Enter BODYGLIDE: no more chafing. Every runner uses it and if you haven’t tried it yet, pls do let me know!

This is how you can get some stuff or even cash!!

Post why you love Bodyglide below and share it on their Facebook page by end of day 4/3.  One lucky winner will get a stick of your Favorite product plus an awesome technical hat!

– And… there is also a chance to win one of the two $100 visa gift cards! All you have to do is Like their Facebook page to win it, and you’ll be entered in the raffle. Good luck!

body glide1done by mistake!!

bodyglide2 done

bodyglide3 done

8bc05164-e811-41df-ad59-69fec2cf8817.Fullaaaaand done!

9 thoughts on “Two BODYGLIDE Giveaways!

  1. I love body glide because I love wearing my skorts, but my thighs love meeting each other more. Body glide protects the buddy system . . . of my inner thighs 🙂 I also love this blog!


  2. My coach once told me… “Don’t you dare to go on your 5 hour bike ride without using this bar. Just apply it on your “6”, and go” I forgot my BG bar on one of those bike rides, and… I guess you can imagine how my story ended… That’s why I love Body Glide!


  3. I love bodyglide because a long time ago I went in my first 20 km race around the lake, and when I was done the front of my t-shirt was covered in blood (& it was my blood).
    Both nipples were gone, and that was when I first discovered body glide. Since then I use body glide on every long run, and my t-shirts thank me for it.


  4. Body glide, no more worries during the marathon!! i can race as fast as i can without thinking about my skin , the more I can concentrate on running


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