“interesting” google searches that end up in my blog…?!?!

Since I moved my blog from Runners World to WordPress, I have access to all these traffic data. I love looking at it.

Sometimes I get stuck looking at what country most people are reading from. USA is always on top but the 2nd country is always a mystery. One day is Sweden, another day is Brazil, another day is Germany. I have no idea why this happens, but it fascinates me.

The other interesting thing is what people search for on Google that brings them to my blog. I love these. I sometimes search for those terms to see how on earth they ended up here, but I usually don’t find anything. But it always cracks me up.

Here you go:

how to film yourself running

what do i say when i offend someone so close to your heart?

can hasher run good marathon

is the nyc marathon a qualifying marathon for boston

mary cain cute

biomechanics of kenyan running

kara goucher boots

how long is my boston qualifing race good for just the one yr into boston

10 pounds after half marathon

what makes a runner?

cannot log into motoactv

winning prizes by guessing numbers

first half marathon run with friend

if you dont have itb pain should you massage it?

strategy for running race downhill at start uphill end

best caption for half pictures 

suicide pace what is it

central park race urination

nutella and running

if i don’t have body glide what can i use?

Happy Hump Day!

PS: did a fabulous set of hill reps this morning, just because. Feeling the #runger attack, but very proud of myself for it


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