Running Shops Guide to New York City

If you need anything very general at the very last minute, there are a few Sports Authority, Modell’s, Footlockers, etc, so check what’s closest to you. But if you want to find a running specialty store, or if you want to do some window shopping (ah, who are we kidding, HERE is my paycheck!), or you come from anywhere where you don’t have as many running stores, here’s most of it organized by area:

Union Square, there’s many good ones, all within 4 blocks of each other, safest bet area-concentration-wise.

  • JackRabbit Sports, running and tri stuff, they’ll have whatever you need plus super knowledgeable staff! 42 West 14th Street between 5th  and 6th Avenues.
  • Paragon Sports, running plus, tri, plus swimming, plus outdoors, plus all the sports you can think of. 18th Street and Broadway.
  • New Balance, all NB, amazing stuff… Fifth Avenue at 20th St.
  • Nike Running, all nike, all running, Fifth Avenue at 20th Street.
  • Lululemon, all cute and really nice stuff, but a bit on the expensive side for me, Union Square West and 14th St.
  • Puma, not sure if this counts but if you’re in the area… Union Square West and 15th St.

Midtown, these are all over the place… but always convenient!

  • New Balance Run Hub, at the NYRR Run Center, 320 W 57th St (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
  • Super Runners Shop, 50th Street and 7th avenue.
  • Asics store, nice stuff, only one brand though, official sponsors of the marathon! 42nd street and 6th avenue.
  • Niketown, is that midtown?? 57th St between Madison and 5th avenue, big big with every Nike sport you can think of.
  • NYC Running Company, at the Columbus Circle Shops.

Upper East Side, lots! the first four are very close to each other, and then the rest…

  • Urban Athletics, small store but all the good stuff, they know everything too, Madison and 92nd
  • Athleta, women’s stuff, great quality, Third Avenue and 85th St.
  • NYC Running Company, great store! Third Avenue at 63rd Street.
  • Super runners Shops, both on Third Avenue, one at 51st and the other one at 72nd.
  • Another Lululemon, Third Avenue at 65th street.

SoHo, be careful there, it’ll be crowded…! All within a few blocks of each other:

  • REI, amazing store, all sorts of stuff, more outdoorsy than running (so small running selection) but you could get lucky, Lafayette and Houston
  • Eastern Mountain Sports, another outdoorsy store, with a small running selection, Broadway and Spring.
  • Adidas, a megastore on Broadway and Houston.
  • Adidas Originals, really cool stuff, but more street-wearing than running,  but cool stuff, Wooster and Prince.
  • Puma, more walking stuff… Broadway and Spring.
  • Lululemon, of course, Broadway and Broome.

Upper West Side, many many options!

  • NYC Running Company, probably all you need, in Columbus Circle, Central Park South and 8th Avenue.
  • JackRabbit, amazing store, 140 W 72nd at Broadway.
  • North Face! Broadway and 73rd Street.
  • Eastern Mountain Sports, outdoorsy store, with a small running selection, Broadway and 76th Street.
  • Super Runners Shop, there are two: 360 Amsterdam at 77th street and 2543 broadway at 95th street.
  • More Lululemon! One at Broadway at 65th st and Broadway and 75th
  • Athleta, 216 Columbus at 70th, women’s, great.


  • City Sports, great store, 50 Broadway.

Brooklyn, your safest choices, both great.

  • Jack Rabbit, at 151 7th Avenue (between Carroll St. and Garfield Pl.)
  • Super Runners Shop on 123 Court St.

If you are also into Triathlon stuff

  • JackRabbit will have some stuff, with running stuff as well, look above as there’s many
  • Paragon Sports, you will find most of what you need there

then, tri-only, try …

  • R&A Cycles, an enormous store with all you can tri-dream, worth the trip to Brooklyn. 105 5th Ave in BROOKLYN.

If you want to get quality running gear on the super CHEAP, run to:

  • Century 21, go to the downtown one, there’s SO SO SO much there! 22 Cortlandt, at Broadway. Just go there. There is always one on the Upper West Side.
  • Or go to Chelsea, there is a Marshalls and TJ Maxx together and so many possibilities, 18th Street and Sixth Avenue.

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