Best run ever, or at least in 3 months!!

Holy smokes friends!! When in doubt, drop the tank top!!!

It is NICE OUT!!

1. Not all is lost. Well, the New York City half is lost for me but apparently I can get my mojo back in no time. I realized that I soon as it was nice out, all I wanted to do was run, and run fast. You would think I was trying to want a 5K today.
2. I felt like I was going so fast because I was able to move my arms for a change. With all those bulky winter clothes gone, I was able to pump my arms so much better. I was still doing nine minute miles, but who cares.
3. Running in a bra and shorts in the Bridlepath seems to be all I need to be happy. And not falling.
4. I got so happy running that I wanted to do hill sprint repeats. Did four. Then I added some drills. I would’ve run forever if I had the time and fuel. 5. Central Park is the place to be today. Like the Super Bowl or something.
6. Nine minute miles felt like I was doing 6:30. I am in very crappy shape, but I don’t care at all. 7. I don’t want this day to end. Ever.

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