NYC Half, Throwback Thursday edition #nychalf #tbt #unitednychalf

Just because we are on NYC Half Marathon week and it seems to be all we can think about around here… some pics from my SIX NYC Half Marathons! it’s crazy how things change… NYC Half was my first half marathon AND my first race ever… so here we go!

2014 – A race run for fun (race report), finished in 1:50:10, with great splits and smiles 😉

2013 –  got a PR of 1:37:35! (race report) my fifth NYC Half! fun day!

but wait, there’s more!

2012 –  1:43:04 was fun to be back to the race after 3 years! (race report)

but wait, there’s more!

2009 –  1:49:12 it was still in the summer and I think this was the hottest one ever (race report)

but wait, there’s more!

2007 –  1:51:29 my second!!

2006: 2:06:11 my first race ever, my first half ever and my first NYC Half ever… I was so overwhelmed I cried during the last two miles (I could barely see with all the tears!!!!). There’s no pictures of me running during this race (I had no idea how to even get pictures!) but now you can see why I love this race right?

nyc half 2006

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