#RockyBalboaRun 5k and 10k in Philly today: pictures!!

Last year, If I don’t remember wrong, a few hardcore Rocky fans set out to run the same streets Rocky run in the movie, which ended up being like a lot of miles for the average Rocky fan (like over 30 miles, I should really check!). Or was that the year before last? I don’t know. I only slept 3 hours!
Anyway, long story short, this year they turned it into a real mega-production race with a ridiculously amazing medal, my husband, who has a bunch or Ironman medals, couldn’t even…. So, Philly for the day, a 10k, visit with all friends, and a lot of coffee!
Seriously, check these pictures out and you’ll see it was a blast. Juan kept telling me: “I don’t know if I should run or punch someone”, he was so so pumped up!! Glad he stuck to the running!!!

5 thoughts on “#RockyBalboaRun 5k and 10k in Philly today: pictures!!

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