ugh NYC and this weather

WTF? I am back in NYC and I was dragging and dreading it. I told Juan a few times to pack a bag and come to Argentina. Last winter, though fun and with great company, sucked the fun out of 6 months! I am dreading this winter so much already (even though I prepped with all the gear I could think of), all I do is think where I can move. I am not moving yet, or maybe for a few years, but I am not sure I want to stay in NYC forever. It really bothers me that I can’t run in shorts all year long, or that I just can’t enjoy being outside. NYC was so so cold last winter… I know some of you had it worst, even in Philly it was worse (forget Canada!), but after 14 years in the northeast (4 in Philly, 10 in NYC) I think I am close to my “done” level. The thing is… where do you go after living in NYC? Where?? nothing else seems as good or as exciting. It’s like the times you have between April and September and worth the other sucky 6 months. I thought about maybe SanFran or the Caribbean somewhere, but everything else seems so boring compared to NYC. I love Philly still, but the weather is worse there; SanFran has its prons and Cons. San Diego is cool but I just won’t drive. Bermuda and the Caribbean seem ideal but I am not sure I can live in the “small town”. Add to that that NYC has gotten “loud”, and “smelly” and “too crowded”, you know I am a bit sick of it… but what can I possibly do about it?

I knew I should have waited until February to enjoy the Argentinian summer… and use it as a “keep me going” instead of coming back to a loooong winter ahead! Anyone has any ideas? Am I the only one already dreading this winter?

8 thoughts on “ugh NYC and this weather

  1. I have been dreading winter since it finally ended last season. Not kidding! I told my husband I am done, and as soon as my youngest graduates from high school in 5.5 years, we are moving to Arizona. There I can run in shorts year round. Done. I am hating every early morning cold before-dawn run. Hate it. As fun as the NYC area is in warm weather, it is brutal in winter.


  2. L.A. of course! Plenty of big city stuff going on. Lots of ex-New Yorkers here, especially in the Santa Monica area. And of course perfect running weather all year. And trails, and mountains, skiing, the beach, etc, etc… Plus, me. 🙂


  3. I used to live in the Bay Area, so SF has my vote (no one in SF calls it San Fran). I know it seems like a quiet city, but it the whole Bay Area has a lot going for it (great food city; big running community, especially trail/ultra; arts and culture scene, etc). I’d move back in a heart beat.


    • hahha, I love that I always rename cities for no reason!!! it’s sooo stooopid! I love SF!!!! they only scary part are the hills, which, emmm, should be a great thing (after a while!)


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