Happy Holidays Run through New York City

This morning we got up extra early. It was dark. Yuk. But, if you want to see the holiday decorations unencumbered by millions of people that’s the way the way to do it.
Central Park and Fifth Avenue were so quiet at 6:30 am. Which is really never the case in the summer at the same time! On the other hand, the city was quiet and dead at 8 am too, as most new yorkers fled by the end of last week. Wohoo. Don’t I wish it was always like this? Stores would need to be open, but still…
Anyway, we run through the park, Fifth Ave, then had coffees and hot chocolates and run back home. Perfect way to officially close the running year: friends, hot chocolate, the park, the city and a few fun miles in festive outfits. Are you doing some special run to celebrate the year?

Happy Holidays everyone!!!! Here’s to a fantastic 2015!!

One thought on “Happy Holidays Run through New York City

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