NYC Marathon 2015: yey or nay?

The NYC Marathon was MA-THING… But then, I think i run it way to many times… In 2011, after my 3:27 Berlin Marathon, I thought I’d have a great NYCM. Enter Sandy and the megamesscancellation in 2012. Then the stooopid ulcer in 2013, so I barely trained and had an awful race. And last year, 2014, I trained but… I have no idea what the problem was. I just didn’t feel like racing and it was another slow doozy.

2014 was my 6th in a row (taking out Sandy’s 2011 mess). I haven’t skipped one NYCM since I started… But the truth is, I am a bit bored of it. I struggled the last two years to get myself there, even when I run Boston last year, I just didn’t want to be there. I think I might be done with the marathon overall. Maybe it’s because I don’t think I can do better than my PR, maybe it’s because I haven’t found a constant-long-term long run training partner…  I don’t know. I just don’t want to do more long runs.

I think I am giving up on the marathon. Maybe it’s temporary, maybe not. I just find it really hard to not sign up for NYCM. It’s like it’s my race, part of my identity… ugh. But it’s been so many years doing it, maybe I just need one year off…?

As I have guaranteed entry, I have January 15 to February 15 to sign up. What would you do?????  Help!

36 thoughts on “NYC Marathon 2015: yey or nay?

  1. Nay, Don’t do it if you are tired and bored. Taking a year off might be a really good thing. I would never ever force myself to do a race I didn’t want to do. I look forward to every race that I sign up for and so should every runner. IMHO

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  2. Do like me..claim the entry, then take a year off to refresh and rejuvenate, and defer to 2016. Then in 2016, you may feel more inclined to do it again, at which time you can use the guarantee. Or you may feel definitively in 2016 that you are done for good. At least if you claim it for 2015, you will leave your options open. It’ll cost ya, as you will have to pay twice if you enter again in 2016, but in the scheme of life it’s not the end of the world.


    • I can get access every year, through the 9+1 program, so that’s not a problem. I rather not have the entry pressure for next year… and spend double the money. If I won’t do it this year, it’s easier to not sign up. But the downside is that I have to decide NOW. Pffff


  3. Yeah but take a year off from 9+1 also. Try to completely remove yourself from the whole NYRR scene for a year. I’m sure that is adding to your ennui, as it is to mine. And the end of “NOW” is still 31 days away.


    • It’s hard not to do the races though. I like them, and they’re close and it’s fun. Usually. The +1 is sometimes hard to schedule but usually fun too. I guess i can mull it over a few more days. But I need to make a decision and move one. I feel like i’ve been postponing this decision for 2 years.


  4. Have you ever worked a water stop? You would be a huge service to the runners, and either you will wish you were in there with them, OR you will be like good call, yuck, never again (depending on whether you’re at the beginning or end on the course probably). Either way, peace over what decision you make.))


    • Yes, I’ve volunteered, worked, or at least cheered in every single nyc race that I didn’t run. I am always there one way or another. And if I don’t run it, i’ll be working in it (as I should have been doing the last years!). The first three years I lived in NYC and didn’t run marathons, I volunteered at the NYC finish line. What a sight. Gross but so motivating.


  5. I don’t think it’s worth it to have the pressure of something as big as marathon training hanging over you if you have big reservations or doubt’s going into it. Remember, we run for fun, and if NYCM doesn’t seem like fun but is instead a dread, why do it? It isn’t as if you never ran it. You have done it multiple times, so maybe as others recommended volunteer this year. That’s what I am planning to do. I am done with the marathon distance but would LOVE encouraging others. You have so much to offer other runners so I am sure you would find volunteering or spectating & encouraging rewarding. That may give you the excitement for 2016, or maybe it will solidify your current feelings. Either way, win-win. No one will think badly of you for not running it. Good luck whatever you choose.


    • thanks Laura. I’ll be working if I don’t run it. I had a 100 people I coached running it last year and I could have been on the course with them, but I know it was also helpful to be at the start with them. I’ll be busy working no matter what if I don’t race it. It’s just proving hard to let go of it. Like a regular addiction!


      • You will have a great time no matter what. Embrace your final decision! When I got guaranteed entry for 2014 I had already decided to give up the marathon distance, but NY is a bucket list item so I embraced it 100% as my marathon swan song. I am glad I did. But that’s it for me. Go with your gut, and you can’t go wrong.


  6. That’s a tough one! Your NYC is my London and I’m not sure if I could not run it if I had a place. Whilst I agree that if you’re bored & won’t enjoy it you should take a break, I think you probably know deep down what you really want to do. Good luck either way!


  7. I understand! This happened to me a few months ago. The good thing is you have a month to decide. Im jealous of your guarenteed entry but if your heart isnt in it is it really worth it? Only you can decide;) im sure you will make the best decision for you

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  8. I say go for it! Think about the glory of having your name on the NYC Marathon website with other streakers and 15+ — let alone carrying that American flag at opening ceremony in Central Park with a 15 (streaker) sign. This is what gets this Bostonian to spend thousands each year doing NYC — let alone a better chance at qualifying for Boston at Baystate or some other faster course.

    Anyhow, regardless of your time, you can’t say you had a bad day if you finish your 7th NYC Marathon!


  9. I wish we didn’t have to decide so early! NYC was my first marathon last year and I have entry through 9+1 again but I don’t want to train for a marathon this year and am not doing 9+1 this year either since I’ll be away for several months in the summer and am burned out from doing 9+1 two years in a row. I would love to defer to 2016 but I can’t justify paying twice!


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