11/2/2012 7:21 PM CDT
I am drained. Exhausted. P!ssed. I know in two minutes I will move on and get over it. But maybe I need to put this down now because, well, I am a blogger, and this is NOT right.
When I took on then Social Media assignment I never thought it’d turn into this. I am a bit sick of a lot of the stoooopidity we have around.
This is what I wrote in my post earlier today (skip if you read it)
There is of course, all the people who think the marathon shouldn’t happen. And yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’d love for everyone to have an informed opinion instead of reacting out of …desperation?, but this was the mayor’s decision and he has more information to make this decision than all of us together, so I am going with that. If he had decided not to, I would have respected that decision too.
Then, there are runners saying “it doesn’t feel right to run”, then don’t do it, it is quite simple. We all have to do what seems best for each one of us given our set of mental rules and there is no need to bash everyone else for their decisions. Live and let live. I come from a third world country where these situations where people don’t have power, or food, or a place to live is very common, every day, every single day, so I have been faced with these situations on a daily basis and grew up in similar situations. I am doing the marathon. The mayor decided it’s on. Period. And I do believe he has a good reason to make that decision. 
And yes, I also do believe the marathon will bring a smile, a nice distraction, and a lot of money, to a lot of people who have had a rough rough week.
Anyway, I didn’t want to go into that but I guess that just happened. This is a blog about running after all. I plan to run, if the mayor lets me, as always, to celebrate life. That is what my running is always about, moreso in a crappy week like this one.
Growing up I kept being told (when I wanted to go to some party everybody was going to and not me, or when my grades where better), don’t worry about what the others do, just about what you do. Live and let live.
Why did I write that? If you were not following things on local tv or twitter, you wouldn’t know…
It was a complete sh!tshow. People attacking every single runner doing the marathon. People attacking elite athletes for participating. I put one tweet up:
Julie Culley “the marathon is the best way to bring the city together and move forward” #ingnycm @julieculley
And got BLASTED with hate. Every 10 minutes I’d get a tweet calling me and her all kinds of names. It was insane. And, of course, it MADE NO SENSE to me. I can’t care less about their opinions (and I obv have nothing to do with any decision!). It just annoys me that I have to go in there to report and block, a waste of my time. Yes, you’re entitled to your own opinion but this was a full-blown bullying campaign. I swear, they’d send me identical tweets. People who just created the account and that’s all they’ve ever tweeted about. Please… Go volunteer if you care that much. Stop the bs and do something constructive. Anyway, they’re not my problem, they have a family who has to put with them, hopefully one friend, or not.
A great friend, and a veteran member of the NYRR Board told me today how before 9-11 it was just like this, but a LOT worse, for two months. People kept telling them how would they dare do a marathon in a devastated city. It was a lot worse. And we all keep hearing how the marathon brought everyone together and helped heal and move forward. I really believed he was right. He just told me, wait until Sunday, you’ll see.

Then, they cancel the race.
I got instantly p!ssed. 
As you know, I had nothing riding on this race. I’ve done my Fall marathon, which went way better that I could have hoped for. I wasn’t gonna PR, so I had nothing at stake in this race, other than having a good time. The good time was looking more and more dubious, but if the race was on, I was going to race. I never doubted running or not. Never. I have done the race with broken ribs, a dead arm, on no training because of foot stress fractures, whatever. It might be sheer stooopidity, or a reflex, but I never even thought of backing out. Why? Not my thing.
Wednesday, when they weren’t sure, I was ambivalent about it, completely 100% neutral about it. Today, NO. Today, I am p!ssed. Had a good friend get in today and he had a trek, with the storm and all. SO many people flying in, from all over the world, yesterday, today. It’s too late.
Decision is ok, Timing is WRONG Mr Mayor.
Also, WHY? Because of the bullies?!?!??!?! If the Mayor made the decision 2 days ago and thought it was best for the city, has anything changed or is it because of the bullies? Why do we give into that? I don’t get it. I said in my post earlier, whatever decision he made, I am sure is right as he has more information. I am not sure the decision is based on facts, more so on emotions. Pls. 
OKAY, rant over. I get to eat Shake Shack tonight, run a lot whenever this weekend and move on. And I got an osom shiny watch I am excited about. Sorry out-of-towners, I feel for you.


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