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My phone is in my hand ALL THE TIME. It’s my secretary. Most of the times it’s in airplane or, my favorite: DO NOT DISTURB mode, but I do use it like a paid assistant. You know, life has gotten more complicated these days, I barely have the attention span to remember anything so I either dictate it into the calendar or take a picture of it. Training, plus having more than 1 job, coaching, sending reports, having a social life, plus just living in NYC, I need an assistant. My phone!

Below the apps I can’t live without, no shocking apps. I’ll be waiting for your favorites too, please share with us which ones you love and can’t live without!

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Hootsuite, Feedly, is my to-do list. I have about 10 “to-do” lists apps. This one is the simplest and bestest. And it has a desktop version. I can’t even think of life without it.

Feedly!! All my blogs, news, feeds are in there! Not just all my running news, and friends’ blogs, but also running stores facebook and twitter feeds, everything you’d want to know and never miss out on. You can turn pretty much anything into an RSS feed.

Hootsuite is my favorite hub. Not only you can post there to fbook, twitter and whatever, you can schedule posts, create all sorts of lists and streams. It’s not great for everything but it has most of the stuff you need.

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CamMe! You will be able to take self-facing pictures without having to press a button. Your hand up will tell the camera when to shoot. Amazing.

PhotoGrid is the best way to make a collage, trust me, it’s the best one. I tried them all.

Pandora is one of the few apps I use when running. I don’t take my phone running much but when I do, there’s Pandora music!

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As I said, I don’t run with my phone much, but the Road Id app is great for when you have to meet up with someone, like when it’s raining and my husband is meeting me off the bus from work to bring me an umbrella. It tells whoever you want exactly where you are. Or so I know when he’s coming back from the super and I am meeting him after some other errand. Yes, we live right on top of each other!

Charity Miles will donate money for each mile you run/walk to your favorite charity, so, just do it.

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Runner’s Pace Calculator. A wheel to calculate paces, in miles or kms, the easiest thing.

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Ubersense and SloPro, I use these two sometimes when I coach and my real slow-speed camera is out of battery or somewhere else. I’ve used Ubersense more times as I like the feature where you can wheel frame by frame but both are great. It’s a great tool to use, even with your own running form, once in a while.

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Sleep Time is the ONLY app I’ve ever paid for! I love looking at my stats, how many hours I slept in deep rem and how long my cycles are. I only get to use it when Juan travels but it’s great information to have so you know when to set up your alarm for!

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When I am out of town or sleeping at a weird hour, this. Fire and Train just put me out!

favorite apps iphone reviews (4)And these… for stress relief or whatever you want to call it. On Candy Mania I am over level 500, which I am quite proud of, and Quiz Up, is CRAZY, gets my heart rate up and I feel like I am bidding on ebay on something at the last second, but I love it!

2015-02-03 11.25.25

Oh, and SnapPen! the app I made all the circles with in these images! I use this app so much! As I don’t type and take pictures, it’s easy to forward pictures marked up. Or when you take measurements of stuff (I need new curtains!) you just take a picture and draw the measurements in the picture. So useful!

Two things:

1- if you’re still typing, figure out how to dictate to the phone. Saves SO much time!!!

2- use the typing shortcuts (Settings/General/Keyboard/Shortcuts) I use it for sooo many things. For example, my email address (I just type the first 3 letters!), my name, my address, long hashtags, you name it. If you typed it more than twice, you should have created a shortcut, do it!

so, which apps can’t you live without??? tell me!!!!!


5 thoughts on “my favorite apps

  1. I love to learn about useful new apps!!! I just installed that Cam Me after your recommendation. I was not disappointed. Thanks for the tip! My go-to app is my super simple “Do!” app, which is also a to do list, but now after looking at Any.Do, maybe that one is better. hmmmm My recommended app is KyPass. It keeps track of all of my password. Also has a desktop version. I couldn’t live without it!


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