NYRR Brooklyn Half Expo

Why a post about an “expo”, right? Really, they call it a “pre-party” and it’s totally fun, which is why I am sharing! This pre-party is beyond fun every year… I was there yesterday for like about 3 hours, not easy if you know me. I get bored in 5 minutes! It has a great view, lots of activities, lots of food (GOOD food, I mean, delicious!), and everyone you’d want to hang out with. NYRR has the training section where they do talks about the course and a race predictor. The Team for Kids booth has the most awesome people (Sid and Asteria) and delicious lip balms, New Balance has the coolest gear, there’s bands playing, people hanging: the place to be! We got LOTS of great swag, including these awesome sunglasses that I didn’t take a picture of, and all the fun you’ll see below. Make sure you give yourself a few hours if you’re going, or sign up for the Brooklyn Half next year, even if you hate running, just for the pre-party fun!

If you need the Brooklyn Half elevation profile, it’s here, just thank me later! 😉


9 thoughts on “NYRR Brooklyn Half Expo

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