NYRR’s France Run, a sweet new 8K!

you know me, I’ll do them all, but this one is new!! NEW!!!

Patricia, one of my training partners, is French and I figured it’d be so much to race this together. Well.. it’s usually her racing and then me chasing her 5 minutes behind, and I am happy if I see her at the finish line before she went back home to shower, but you get the point. Turns out, she would end up being in la France!! And ALSO, turns out, that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to race. Because you know, I am so awesome, sometimes I have to be quite stoooopid to even the world out. I just do it to make you all look better you guys!!!

Anyway, the problem started about a month earlier, when I overdid it a liiiiiiitle bit and I pushed it WAY TOO MUCH. Ooooops. Mr Precious Hamstring has been messed up since. Such a spoiled BRAT. I know what I did. I know how I did it. I know not to do that. But hey, I haven’t messed myself up since 2011 so cut me some slack. Mostly because I am cutting myself zero slack. Still, this sucks A LOT. I basically threw all my training down the toilet in the last month. More tomorrow on my end of month recap. UGH. I barely even want to talk about it. I can’t even. I will try to even tomorrow.

The race on the other hand, was AWESOME! THEY HAD CREPES AT THE FINISH LINE GUYS!!!!! I didn’t get one, I had my usual finish line apple, because it seemed like I had to walk about 20 meters, but they look fantastique! and OMG, they played La Marseillaise at the start. Oh la la. I was feeling so french. Then I waited for a few friends and run with them. I promise: an elizabeth that is not racing is the loudest person in the race. I felt like I was cheering instead of racing!!!! So I kept yelling encouragement to everyone around like a mad person, mostly up Harlem Hill, because you know, it’s a beast climb in a 5 miler. Anyway, any race you’re not racing is always super fun so I was happy to be out there chit chatting with everyone. I just wished in was in old Paris instead and not here worried about my training… I’ll tell you more tomorrow. UGH. I makes me very cranky and this is enough for today. Plus, I am tired. And already cranky. But I still love you guys!!!

Juan had just finished his 16 miles around Harlem hill, yes, clockwise, and was able to see us around and take some pictures. Someone is training like a beast. Not me.

7 thoughts on “NYRR’s France Run, a sweet new 8K!

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