I probably should have been DQed

So, I’ve been talking to a few people since Sunday’s race, as I’ve been feeling so sore and crappy… I had never had cramps before and I had no idea what was happening. For what I am piecing together now, I ODed (that’s my husband’s term) on caffeine.

I was dehydrated to start with and I had no idea. Then I had the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee (and I can barely tolerate one cup) and drunk very little water/Gatorade on the course (just 2 cups of G and half a gel). I basically run high on caffeine, like I was Lance on EPO, and nothing else!!! (Is it even ok that caffeine is legal??)


A few people who know about this (and mostly my awesome friend Tessa who is a superstar and has had enough awful experiences with dehydration to make her an expert) have no idea how I managed to keep running on those conditions. I was told I probably should have ended in the hospital by a few. The pains I had in my feet and leg in the last 4 miles and when I stopped were so bad, I really thought they were going to burst or break apart. It’s probably why I now, 3 days later still feel like crap: all that mega-micro tearing!!


Sunday I was super tired but uberhyper. I had to take some melatonin to fall asleep. Monday I was a mess. I felt like I had done a marathon the day before. Sore and Tired and Bloated. Perfect timing for the useless Columbus holiday, so I napped for TWO hours!!! I was a mess all day. Tuesday and today, I am still super sore and dehydrated. As I finally managed to understand the gravity of what happened, last night I started “drowning” myself in water, as I was told I should do. I still didn’t get up to pee once.

This is pretty bad, for a half, guys. Something about enzymes and the liver and the kidneys and stuff. And it could have ended way worse for what I have been told. I have no idea how I didn’t notice what I was getting myself into and what I was feeling. Race head I guess.

I think, because I thought my PR was so far away, I’d just do whatever. I literally did whatever. Then someone, who reads my posts and knows more than me about myself, reminded that I also had a caffeine  issue in the last race… I looked it up, it’s true! I only had two cups of coffee, but it raised my heart rate so much, I was scared at the start…

Anyway, just a gentle reminder that our health is still at stake in these races… This was my 125th race, my 47th half or longer distance and I still make mistakes… Just because I had never had cramps, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know the symptoms of dehydration or what to do during/after. Stay safe guys. I’ll do my best here.

3 thoughts on “I probably should have been DQed

  1. My days it sounds like you had a horrific time! I think sometimes we get so caught up in a new PB that we lose perspective. I carried on half marathon training for 2 WEEKS after I started getting tearing pains in my feet. I really should have stopped, but I completely lost sight of my health! Good luck with recovering from the caffiene!


  2. I can get relate with the caffeine issue. I’ve never had anything like cramping, but just the other day I took 2 pills that were labeled “headache relief” and I noticed they had caffeine in them. I was buzzing all day and felt terrible that night. Yuck. It was way too much for me. Glad you have figured it out and stay away from that in the future!!


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