Berlin Marathon, yey or nay?

I am the ultimate worst at making any personal decisions!


I have the chance to do Berlin this year. I’d have to register in less than 3 weeks.

ME: I really have no interest in doing another marathon / Ugh, the frigging long runs

Myself: What if I could have a new PR??? All indicates I could PR. Last time I had a Marathon PR (3:27, also in Berlin) my half time was 1:44, now I am down to 1:36 (did TWO 1:36s this year). And I had PRed at the half in the second half of Berlin with 1:40. I am sure a PR is a given now. Finish time calculations put me anything from 3:15 to 3:21. Which would be insane!!! I actually never thought of PRing ever again since Berlin 2012.

ME: But…  have 9 weeks to train, and I haven’t done any long runs in 2 years. The longest I’ve done is the 3 halves I’ve run this year and a couple of 15 milers in the winter.

Myself: It’ll go super quick, you only have 9 weeks of long runs!

ME: I need rest. I am exhausted. I haven’t taken a week off or an easy week since my trip to Italy last November!

Myself: Ok, it’s happening. This week. While we decide.

rob lowe

For now, I am taking this week as an EASY week. While I think. Easy weeks are harder than Marathon Training. And I HATE marathon training…

Here we go

fuck it



6 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon, yey or nay?

  1. Whenever I have a conundrum like this, I remind myself of WHY I am running races. For me, it’s because the experience is supposed to be FUN and enjoyable. If the process isn’t somehow fun, enjoyable, or somehow rewarding, I take a pass on it. If you feel that your next 9 weeks of training, of traveling to Berlin, and in running the marathon will be more enjoyable than not enjoyable, then go for it! If, however, you dread more than half of the whole experience, then don’t do it.

    I’m in a similar situation myself where I’ve qualified for a big event that is a big deal to qualify for, but there are 3 other races I’d rather do for fun instead of doing the one for “prestige” value. And my quandary is trying to decide if the reason I don’t want to do the big event is that I am afraid…..but I’m leaning toward doing the 3 fun events instead of the one that will cause me stress. And my big thought in all this is that I’m not an elite athlete, I’m doing this stuff for fun, so it shouldn’t be stressful.

    Good luck with your choice!


  2. SUCH good points you make Laura, as usual. I am tempted, because… I could PR. I just stopped thinking that way since 2012 (berlin!!!) and I have since not even tried to even do well in a marathon. I’ve run a bunch since and it was all done half-ass. I think I could, but maybe 9 weeks of training is INSANE and I can’t… then I’d be majorly upset.


    • 9 weeks to train, and the last 3 are supposed to be a tapering phase. The marathon is so unpredictable too, though you seem historically to do well on minimum training. In the end, you know your body, you know your mental health, and it’s just a question of whether you want to be all in or not. If you’re all in, go for it! If you don’t feel like you’re all in, then that’s a different story….


  3. idk, Ely. This would seem like trouble to me. But if I remember, your current training isn’t too far off where you’d be in a good marathon cycle, minus some little bit longer runs. About 8-9 weeks out, you would be tired anyway. (This sounds like I’m saying to go for it, which I hadn’t intended when I started.) good luck deciding.


  4. Mmm hellooo! It’s a marathon! Of course my one and only suggestion is DO IT DO IT DO IT! Jokes apart, you need to do what you like. As simplicist as it sounds, it’s the truth, especially when it comes to the marathon. I don’t think the 9 weeks per say are a problem: you have a solid base and you have plenty of endurance. However, if you have to travel all the way to Berlin and hate running for 9 weeks straight just because “a PR is a given at this point and it would be silly not to try,” I’d say it’s not worth it. Good luck with your decision and I’m always willing to tag along and chat during those dreaded long runs 😉


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