Manhattan Half – mini Race (?) Report (?)

this is going to be quick because I already went on vacation since. When you go on vacation everything before sort of self-destroys. Correct?

So, I worked a bit before the race. Weather was great. I was overdressed


I answered many questions, 99% of them were about the location of the porta-potties. Some people called them porta-johns. Some called them toilets. All that made it quite fun. Also, everyone shows up right at the last minute.. ehem.

I then unzipped, by then I was frozen, but it was about 44 degrees and went to the start with Courtney.

We run all of it together, taking it easy, chit chatting.


Marie, in the teal Boston jacket on the left (my right) joined us for most of the first half. Also Serena run a few with us. The weather is usually a challenge in this race, ranging from frozen, to icy, to snowy, to bitter effing cold. This time, it was balmy and humid. Go figure. If I didn’t have my bib on my shirt, I would have tossed the shirt, I was so hot!


I even took the hat off. If this isn’t proof of global warming, then I don’t know what is.

We got to the finish line.


We were happy. The end.  Then we went to Juice Press.

Did you ever see a crappier shorter race report? We did 1:48 or 1:49 something, I have no idea. Then Juan and I went to Antigua, so THAT.

What?? you expected those long posts with details? well, don’t complain next time when it’s LONG!! 😉

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