NYRR Gridiron 4 Miler – Recap

Another short recap, because I really have to catch up and because there’s really not a lot to tell. I have been taking races so easy that it’s scary…

Juan was running this one (wohoooo!!!) so we met up with Courtney and jogged a couple of miles to the start.

As you can see, I still suck majorly at selfies. I have no idea how people do these (or where to look!!!) UGH


They changed the course!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These 4 milers would usually start around 66th st on the east side and run the 4 mile inside loop (cutting across 102nd st) and finish on the 72nd transverse or right before Tavern on the Green on the main road. This one now starts right before the 102 transverse, does the same loop and ends right at the start. The previous course was hard because you had Cat hill on your first mile or first half mile even. This is one is ALSO hard because you have Cat Hill in mile 3 which always ends up being the slowest mile anyway. Plus, it was a bit congested at the start, for about at least a mile. The 102 transverse was super slow.

Anyway, I wanted to see where I was, so I didn’t race very hard. Or much. Or really at all. As you can see:


Also, I was totally overdressed to race. If I wanted to go hard, I probably would have worn shorts and a shirt. It was 33 degrees (feels like of 28), but I got hot quite fast.

My husband was a bit ahead of me!


Carolina and Colleen were cheering and taking pictures and they did an amazing job at it. I saw them on the west side and them on the east side. And they put on a complete mess of yelling when they saw me. YES. MADE MY RACE.


Courtney and I didn’t run together much. She was a little bit more determined than I was. I just didn’t have it. You know, when you just don’t care and you wonder why are you even racing? THAT. I could have done a longer run, why am I pushing these short miles.. but to tell you the truth, it all backfired right on my face the next day. I realized I am 7 weeks away from the United NYC Half and there is no time to waste… my run Monday was FIRE. Tuesday’s speedwork was FLAMES. Wednesday’s run I push as much as I could.

Tide has turned.

We’ll see how long that lasts… but for now, I AM ON.

50510686_race_0-45960158787960825-display 50510709_race_0-02947368364831704-display


Stats Time:

Finish time: 28:51 Average Pace: 7:13

Previous PR: 28:00 From: April, 2013

Age Grading: 68.67%

Overall Place: 546 of 5156

Gender Place: 87 of 2435

Age Place: 8 of 299


well, there’s another one in two weeks. Let’s see if I can bring my head and fire to that one! Also, if you ARE running Al Gordon and need a race recap with a course elevation chart, here is mine from last year.


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