A Salute to the Runners that Inspire me

Carolina, this is for you.

I am newly inspired. Even more than usual. I always say I have the best friends but you need a bit more info, correct?
I saw someone last night get a huge accolade that, of course, she wasn’t expecting.

Carolina has no idea. I spend enough time with her every week to tell you this. She loves running. She enjoys running. The rest is just noise. She really doesn’t care. When she was about to run her marathon last year, she had no idea what 6:55 pace or 6:58 pace would do. When she signed up last minute to run an early Spring half after having trained very very little most of the winter, I run with her to the start and she said she would be happy with a 1:28. She went under that by a lot. She also got a PR. But I was there that winter, I can tell you she didn’t train, maybe she did half the miles I was doing and you know I don’t run a lot of miles.

Carolina doesn’t expect the PRs or the awards or the age group wins. She doesn’t train for them. She doesn’t worry about them. Running is fun for her. She has no thoughts on gels and will take what the guys at Jackrabbit give her. She will listen to all my advice and try to remember, and she’s super smart about it, but there’s something in her head that is just not in your typical fast runner’s brain.

I always felt the same way but I never knew somebody who could take it to the extreme like she would. She would pick a party over a race morning. She will pick champagne over proper hydration. She does many other things that most runners wouldn’t even think of doing, because it might mess up your running… but: FUN OVER EVERYTHING.

I always thought FUN was something that we, “slow runners” could get. The “fast runners” don’t get that. O wrote this post a while ago that got some people irked about how it was my choice not to be a better runner.  This is a hobby guys, a lifestyle at best, not the end of the world, and we should enjoy ourselves. Well, enter this Super Star to prove it.

Carolina, I raise my morning apple cider vinegar to you and your accomplishments. If I could pick between the fast times you have and the fun, I will pick the fun. But above everything, I will pick having you as a friend. You deserve this, and the world too! You’re the best, Love you tons!


And, congratsX2, because now we have one more reason to celebrate!

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