NYRR Al Gordon 4 Miler – Tiny Recap

Tiny recap because my husband wasn’t there, so there were no pictures. It’s amazing how I don’t remember to take one picture!!! And without pictures… can it really be a good post?

I was working on race distribution starting at 6 am (as setting up can take a bit) and by 7:30 am I remembered I hadn’t eaten anything… so I pulled a gel quickly out of my bag as there was tons of people getting their bibs and tried to swallow it while I handled bibs quickly. Next time I looked down at my watch it was 7:55!!!!!!!!!! Race was starting at 8:00 so I pulled all layers off, and run off to the start. I was soooo cold! I had been outside for two hours so it was hard to pin on the bib, put the watch on and stuff with my frozen hands. I barely got it all on me in time to start the race!!! what a rush!

There was so warm up and my legs and feel were not only cold but frooooozen! Mile one has the hill and I was still feeling out for my feet, 7:27. Mile 2 I started to warm up, and feel the rhythm, and it’s amazing how quickly these races go, mostly without a warm up or 5 minutes in the corral to know what I was doing, so I kept trying to wake myself up! Mile 2: 7:11. Half way through mile 2 I started to warm up and feel comfortable, I actually tossed my shorts. All of a sudden I was in shorts in bra. IN FEBRUARY. Amazing. I love this crappy  global warming, YEAH! Mile 3: 6:43. I always tend to speed up a lot in the last mile, or last half mile but I knew (from last year!) that there was a little uphill on the last 800s so I took it all out on Mile 3, to be safe. Mile 4 was just pace maintenance until about the last 300 hundreds. Mile 4 was 6:51.

Stats Time:

Finish time: 28:12 Average Pace: 7:03

Previous PR: 28:00 From: April, 2013

Age Grading: 70.25%

Overall Place: 509 of 5258

Gender Place: 52 of 2539

Age Place: 3 of 619


What a rush!! Also, how lucky am I that I get to work until 2 minutes before a race??? I know you might not know it but








This is the only picture I got, Michael Capiraso came by to take our picture and that’s it!

By 10:30  I was home, showered and off to the Run Center to spend some more time with the rest of the team! Juan had been on the bike all morning.

Next week is the Washington Heights 5K… here we go again…!



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