marathon this weekend – what to do?


so… the hay is in the barn. But… it seems like the barn is about to be set on fire. The forecast for my Sunday marathon has been saying this –>

80s is too hot for me. heck, 70s is too hot for me. I did a 10 miler two weeks ago and I melted.

I am not into doing a marathon just to finish anymore. It’ll leave me exhausted for days, my running will suck for weeks, and I might even get sick.  NO. On the other hand, marathons are 100% unpredictable and that is the whole point. I have done well in awful weather and circumstances before. I’ve also melted into a pool of gel… It’s not even about the weather sometimes. It’s about how you deal with the obstacles. Every marathon has a curveball or 5.

Should I take a chance and risk it on something that I know can be a hot mess of unpredictability? Or is it safe to assume it’ll go bad and why bother?

Some decisions need to be made today before 4 pm which is when I’ll be packing.

(no, it’s not Chicago, it’s Mohawk Hudson)

7 thoughts on “marathon this weekend – what to do?

  1. I think you have to remind yourself why you signed up for this in the first place. If it was to run a beautiful and cool fall marathon then bail. If you want the experience of being weatherproof and sharing the adventure with your followers then do it. Personally, I just don’t want you to get sick so you have to use your best judgement on that.

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  2. Is there a companion half? If so, consider a downgrade. Otherwise, I’d give it a shot. Figure it will in the low-mid 70s at the finish. If it’s overcast, that’s not so bad. If it’s sunny, that’s rough.


  3. Haha while not as challenging as yours, I’m doing the Staten island half Sunday and I saw the weather report and it’s not looking good. I’m definitely changing my plan A to plan B and it’s certainly not just “finishing it”. But best of luck!

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