Guess my Finish Time at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

I am running a marathon this Sunday and because I am not stressed enough, I figured I’d see who has the most guts to dare guess a finish time.

No real rules here and no prizes (as I’ve done for every race before this one) because I am in LAZY blogger mode. Sorry Not Sorry.

Here’s the Deets:

  • Race is pretty flat they say, we shall see.
  • Last races were the
    • New Balance Bronx 10 Mile, in 1:16:28 / 7:39 pace
    • Percy Sutton Harlem 5K, in 21:58 / 7:05 pace
    • NYRR R U N 5K, in 21:57 / 7:04 pace
      • if it matters to you, they were all in hot weather.
  • Predictors based on those races shoot out a 3:29 to 3:31
  • Last Halfs were 1:40, 1:37 and 1:37.

Go ahead, place your bets below. And good luck (to me).

16 thoughts on “Guess my Finish Time at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

  1. No prizes?😀
    I never got to tell you the story about the MilestonePod I won here predicting one of your amazing times.

    I couldn’t get the device to work and when I contacted MilestonePod they said the one I had was so old they no longer were updating it. But then they sent me a brand new one as a replacement! Totally did not expect that

    I’ll predict 3:28 and wish you a great race!

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