NYRR Bronx 10 Mile Race Graphic Report

This is going to be a very different type of report because instead of taking pictures, I mostly did video, hence the “graphic” reference in the title of the blog. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s easier, but I am taking less and less pictures these days (eye roll, it’s still a TON).

Juan, Courtney and I headed for the Bronx early, as I like, on the 4 train which was all full of runners. Juan was spectating, Courtney was running. As soon as we got there, we undressed, left our bags and Courtney and I went for a jog. Juan was out to stake out a spot on mile one or two. Soon we were in the corral, early, or something happened that we started about 10 mins late (I think!) because we were chatting up a storm with a few people in the corral (heeeey).

We got moving soon. Weather was perfect! 58 and a nice breeze. Of course, about a  mile in I was sweating a lot as usual. We saw Juan:

I started remembering HOW EFFING HOT it had been last year and I appreciated the weather. Courtney and I run together until about mile 4, where she started feeling a bit of pain.

About a half mile later, Jackie comes from behind and she’s all business. I was like “I have no idea what I am doing”… so we run together for about a mile and then she was gonna take off.

I tried to let her go, but my pace was quite similar to hers, so I kept seeing her right in front of me. It is so awkward to run like that… I tried to slow down because I knew she was in good shape. But my body knew better, just like before when it didn’t want to run at Courtney’s pace. It’s strange… I can usually slow down on command but on Sunday my legs were doing whatever they wanted…CRAP.

After a few months of a strange itch on my knee, sometimes painful, sometimes non-existent, I was feeling good. My legs wanted to use it up!

So I picked it up on the last few miles. It was fun and it actually felt amazing to run a bit faster for a change… the last few months had been SLOW, so this really felt amazing.

I want you to watch the race for yourselves… here is the video I made.

I am not a YouTuber or whatever but let me know if you liked the video, I enjoyed making it and maaaaaybe I’ll make some more.

Anyway, finish line accomplished, now onto a half this weekend… There is always something right?

Did you race it? How was it? Tell me!



5 thoughts on “NYRR Bronx 10 Mile Race Graphic Report

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