How do you recover?

We all have different superpowers, correct?
Some people can run a marathon and 1 week later they are ready to run another one; some are ready a day later (all those people doing those Goofy and whatever challenges…). What’s your trick to accelerate recovery? It could be after a marathon, after a long run, after a 5K or after the daily workout! Some people stretch, do ice baths, take ice baths or epsom salts baths, eat healthy, roll, get a massage, compression, acupunture…?
I always say that sleeping is my superpower. Not because I am good at it, quite the opposite, but because I work hard at it -because I enjoy it. I don’t always eat healthy, I don’t stretch or cross train that much but RECOVERY is important for me (more so every year) so I treat sleeping as a magical cure-it-all.
But… as much as I try, by going to bed early and all that, I am a horrible horrible sleeper. I take forever to fall asleep, I wake up when I hear a flying 3 miles away, and sometimes I can’t even go back to sleep. I am the lightest sleeper on earth. Juan turns around in bed and then I am up all night 😭 And I am a MESS when I don’t sleep well 🤭.
I have tried it all: the warm bath, the sleeping pills, melatonin, going to bed early, reading… whatever, all of it! Nothing that helped or helped consistently… until now! The last few weeks I’ve been trying RestoreZ, a sleeping aid that helps my natural circadian rhythm get back in synch (instead of just knocking me out!) to get the quality sleep that helps restore and reset. I have read it takes at least two weeks to smooth out your natural circadian rhythm. The point would be to sleep the same amount of hours (or more if possible) but more effectively! Like, I shouldn’t be tossing and turning all night 😫 or waking up at 3 am and not be able to go back to sleep; then the next night I’d be so tired it would be the opposite, or worse… Also, I learned you need a healthy combo of light, deep, and REM sleep to recover and feel refreshed/happy in the morning, not just “whatever I can get“.
What is amazing about these RestoreZ pills (I am taking “deep sleep”), is that I actually “feel” the sleep phases without waking up… I probably sound crazy.. BUT I am waking up happier and more rested (and less #crankyface!) 🔥I think up to now I only had two modes: awake/asleep, and now I am getting used to actually *feeling* the ups and downs of deep/light/rem sleep cycles! 🤯 it is so cool, I can totally win the Olympics smile at people in the morning!!
What is your secret weapon to recover?

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