2019 NYRR Brooklyn Half

Hi friends!

Finally putting my 2019 Brooklyn Half down on paper!

Woooo what a ride to the middle of 2019! I have NO IDEA how months keep flying by!

I just did the NYC Half 2 months before in 1:40 so I knew Brooklyn would be a bit under but not expecting much more. The weather turned out great NOT RAINY, for a change, so YEY. With Brooklyn weather there are only two options:

  1. Good weather for beach and picnics and hot dogs post race
  2. Good weather for the race.

This time around we got great weather for #1. It was a bit on the warm side, mostly for the 2nd half of the race. I can’t complain, I do ok in hot weather. I fall apart when it’s cold, in complete contrast with 99.74% of runners… so I enjoyed it.

AS PER USUAL, Juan and I got to the start wayyyyyyy too early and checked a tiny bag for both of us (in case we had to leave it behind) and carried keys, cash, etc on us. We are way too smart. I know.

He went off to his corral and I went to mine to meet my buds.

There were about 14 of us and by the time we started we reduced to a group of 4: Frank, David, Patricia and I. Everyone took off… The start was a bit crowded but we got moving quickly. Well, everyone got moving a LOT MORE quickly than me, but you ALREADY KNOW HOW I ROLL… like a sandbagger… hahaha. Laugh all you want, it works!

The out and back is the most fun part of the course, in my opinion, okay maybe after the last 600 m on the boardwalk but love seeing the leaders there and going around Grand Army Plaza. I’ll link you to my video in a bit, there is a bunch of quick videos there where you’ll see all the parts.

We then went into the park (THANKS FOR THE SHADE!!); still a bit crowded but saw so many friends on the road… It’s amazing how we all pass each other at some point! The park looked amazing with all the blooming trees.

By the time we left the park, Patricia had dropped back a bit and I was all on my own, and my headphones had turned off and disconnected so I didn’t even bother. Let me listen to my honestly loud AF breathing for 8 miles..! I ended up picking up the pace, yes, on the hot (and getting hotter) avenues and by the time I get to mile 9 or 11 I always “think this is ending way too quick!!”. 

Soon enough, the boardwalk, a rush of blood to the legs and we are done!!!

I could have bet money on my finish time…!!! Coulda shoulda woulda!

How am I getting 70% AG on this??? NO IDEA but quite happy with it!

And hey, look at this perfect pacing:

Got my medal, a few sips of water and OMG WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!!!

my peeps: LOVEYOU!!!

We then got some hot dogs and hung out a bit.

Yes, this race report is crappy, why you ask? because I have made this amazing video and you just need to watch it. It’s all in there, I promise…! now… EXCLUSIVE VIDEO RELEASE OF MY 2019 NYRR BROOKLYN HALF MARATHON… check it out!!! 


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