Running in NICE, France

Ooops, forgot about Nice but here we go.

My husband was competing in the Half Ironman World Championships. WHICH IS A BIG DEAL, I swear. I had been to Nice before but seeing the Cote d’Azur overtaken by triathletes is a major sight. Everywhere we went there were super fit people with M tattoos, tights, and wraparound sunglasses. It was hilarious and amazing.

The first morning there, we were signed up for a 5K organized by Ironman. The level of my excitement about this was the equal opposite of my performance. I was SHIT. I couldn’t even run at 11:30 pace that morning’s warm-up without feeling awful. My hubs joked “what is this? a slow walk?”, he was right. it was truly weird, comical, tragic and annoying.

Running in Nice was EVERYTHING amazing and here are some pics!

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What a gorgeous place.

So you can definitely run on the Promenade des Anglais, about 5 miles right by the beach -not a lot of shade but amazing sights. Or you can do destination runs:

VilleFranche Sur Mer -the next town east, just stay on the shore road, 3.5 miles there and amazingly beautiful.

Mount Boron Park, very close but super hilly, and gorgeous trails inside.

Antibes, if you’re looking for a longer run -about 10 miles. But you can have amazing food once you get there

St Jean Cap Ferrat, a small closed town, you’ll have to go over Mt Boron, so it’s about 4 miles but it’s quite hilly. Once there you can visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and take a bus back!

It’s very easy to run if you stay close to the sea. And you can always find a train/bus back to Nice!

PS: eat socca when you get there. And all the french food. BEYOND amazing.



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