October OMG WHAT

October was a kick in the face, LITERALLY

Runs were good, did a half marathon -the Brooklyn Half, here is the race report, plus here is the video, did a couple of weekend “last ten miles of the marathon” runs, all good, but, of course, I had to fall again. WTF SERIOUSLY ELIZABETH, YOU JUST NEED ALL THE ATTENTION DON’T YOU?

This fall was bad. Once I hit the ground I knew it. I felt all the blood all over my face instantly and I feared for my nose so hard. I didn’t even think I could have gotten a gash on my face or broken teeth or my lip, nope, I sat and touched my nose bones everywhere… IT WAS FINE THANK YOU OMG. I could still feel all the blood pouring down from my face, not sure where from so I assumed I had a hole somewhere in my face WHOCARESMYNOSEISFINE!! This was during speedwork so about 20 of my friends showed up 4 minutes later and they all looked at me so scared, I knew something was wrong…

On the first picture you can see all the blood that dripped from my face. My knees and elbow were badly scratched. I’d find out about two weeks later that I had a thin fracture in my nose and a bruised bone, the right knee. 

I WAS PISSED. I had fallen literally a month before in Bruges, WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP FALLING? anyway, I know why, it’s fine. that was on a Tuesday, I couldn’t really run so I took a few days off. I was doing the Brooklyn Half that Saturday so I showed up to the start line unsure if I could run, and super traumatized about the fall… The half, actually, went fine. Again, here is the race report, plus here is the video, and I didn’t win anything but also didn’t crawl… Glad I showed up!

So, you know I was recruited by New Balance to run the NYC Marathon, right? well, that’s old news now but here are a few shots of that prep!

A few “last ten” runs, one last speedwork… and the marathon was around the corner, but you’ll have to wait for that report… 


Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 155 NOT bad, given I had a bad fall…>!
  • Downs: Training is done… we just now heal from this stooopid fall and taper, UGH. The taper felt more abrupt given the fall.. I was doing a lot less than I wanted to.
  • Ups: Felt good during the half.
  • Balance: only time will tell!


Heeeey October, what’s up? I am SO READY for this… but let me get to the recap first!

We started the month in Nice ->my husband was competing in the Half Ironman World Championships. Running in Nice was EVERYTHING -so amazing- and here are some pics! I truly enjoyed it. My runs were slow crap but the scenery was top notch -also, it was quite hilly. The food was RIDICULOUS. Love. The highlight was a 5K organized by Ironman, where I did horribly. My legs were crap all week. The next week I did a run in Brugge, in Belgium, where I… emmm… hit the pavement a bit and got scratched up a bit… it was no fun… I started hyperventilating and almost crying. Luckily Juan was with me and helped me relax… so scary, but the run was gorgeous

Then we went to Paris for a week and it was also amazing… I run about 4 or 5 days but my runs were still slow. Maybe it was all the food, maybe it was my vacation mindset, maybe it was PMS (or all 3!). Again, and of course, Paris is amazing

Anyway, the first half of the month was unbeatable… then I came back to NYC (yeah, nothing to sneeze at) and had two weekends to complete the month. Weekend 1 I did a 22 miler with 6 loops of the top loop (Harlem Hill) which is NO joke, oh, and a rabid pace. It an insane confidence booster.

Weekend 2 I run the Bronx 10 Miler -ha, in the Bronx!- and I PRed HARD. It was a bit shocking given my PR was from a flat 10M in nice weather but it happened. My pacing was ridiculous. These are my last 6 miles:

And it was so much fun… see the proof:

Anyway, it was awesome! time for the:


Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 147 ha. Vacation in France. what else need I say?
  • Downs: more croissants please!
  • Ups: it was gorgeous over there, FAST over here.
  • Balance: time to catch up. that was fun but there is work to do now.


Full of PRs!

I have no idea how this happened. Yes, I have been training like a beast since December and yes, I always surprised when things turn well (to me, the key to being happy is always having low expectations!!!) but omg how did I run the highest mileage I ever did without intending or noticing? I did 216 miles. That is insane!  Also, there was a little racing to be done… The month started with SUMMER STREETS!!!!!! Summer Streets is my favorite. I did all 3. It is the BEST.

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The first summer streets I did 10 miles because/but I had the Manhattan 7 Mile race the next day, OOOPS… SOMEHOW, I PRed, but that’s only because 7 miles is such an odd distance and because I was sick last year when I did it. My pace was actually good enough for top 20 (out 2435 women) and 2nd in my AG (out of 357) which is quite shocking! My expectations were so slow and I had so much fun that it’s shocking that I did well..

Then I did about 19.5 in summer streets, speedwork, many great workouts….

and did a 5K, another one of the PPTC Al Goldstein Summer Series which was actually decent! I came in 1st in my AG and 20 SECONDS FORM A PR. WTF! ALL I DO MAKES NO SENSE!

More workouts, more summer streets, more miles, the highest week ever in my life and then I did a half in the Rockaways with Andrea and Elizabeth. It wasn’t particularly good but a decent effort. Overall, a month I didn’t plan and couldn’t have foreseen!


Small Recap

  • Total Miles: the MOST ever ever. woooot. didn’t even know this was happening while it was happening. blame summer streets?
  • Downs: that it’s over????
  • Balance: MORE more more more please.


You’re so predictable, hot weather and all, but so so great. I love summer, have I told you that before? You’ll never hear me complain about the heat, unless I don’t want to wash my hair that day and it’s getting to be a sweaty mess, ever. The tiny layers, the sweatiness, the sprinklers, the sun, the colorful runners, the never-ending weekend morning runs that always come down to a sweat puddle in a brunch situation… omg the finest things in life….

so, July, I went to see a preview of this movie which was a blast and a true story about a girl who decides to run the NYC Marathon. It has very funny running moments. If you’ve seen it, let me know your thoughts!

On July 3rd I run a 5K, which was burning hell a bit balmy. I did ok. I started slow, you know, to warm up a bit more up the hill and the hammered down to get 1st in my AG. YEAH. Then I almost melted.

There was a LOT of running actually in July, fun runs, speedwork, tempos, long runs, always with the most amazing friends and all over the city! 

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Small Recap

  • Total Miles: the most so far this year, so yeah, GOOD, and a even few miles ahead of he 1800 yearly miles goal.
  • Downs: there was a bunch of rain… like flash flooding. Two of my 5Ks got cancelled because of rain..
  • Balance: MORE please.


was awesome and QUICK…?

It started with the Italy Run, a 5 miler in Central Park that was fun. I run it with a few friends and we had a blast. The next weekend, I raced the Mini10K, hot as always but also a blast, so how could I miss it? The next weekend I raced the Queens 10K, also always hot but totally manageable this year. Then the next weekend I raced the Front Runners NY Pride Run. Yes, a race every weekend. A little insane on the racing side but that is how I like my summers… There were also some amazing runs sprinkled in. Like, for example, that midweek run where we went up Riverside to see the goats munching on poison ivy…


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Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 157. Racing that much kills the mileage.
  • Downs: NOT ONE!
  • Ups: Racing! Love seeing all my friends at the races!!!!
  • Balance: July, here we come!!!!



was a quick one… It bothers me a bit that mileage goes down as soon as the weather gets nicer BUT that is only because I race much more and hey quality over quantity (plus mini tapers…!). You just can’t do it all -or do it all well, correct? So, I’ve been replacing my tempos by races this past month, I only got in a tempo or two, I just can’t do that many hard miles a week. But I always get my intervals in!

Early May I run the Sharon 5 Miler, which was super horribly hill fun! 


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I REALLY need to get out of NYC more… I always say that and I then I get so lazy. Anyway, that was a super fun weekend out of town with friends. Then we had the Brooklyn Half, which was also awesome!


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Overall Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 134, I am getting behind on my 1800 goal!
  • Downs: just the mileage.
  • Ups: all the races and the runs and the friends. Life and running is GOOD.
  • Balance: I am in a good, GREAT, place. see below…

I have come to terms with WHERE I AM. For 3 years I haven’t PRed and I was pouting about it. I had a few PRs this year, yes, but it’s because it’s at distances I hadn’t bothered with before, it’s like they almost don’t count. A few months ago, I’d get a 1:40 half and I’d point it was about 4 minutes off my 1:36 PR. Now I KNOW that 1:40 is where I am. I am training hard, I am doing all that I should be doing, and HEY, I am older, THIS IS MY BEST. And it’s fine. I am happy with it. Not sure how to explain what changed in my perspective. I am not sure I can say that I will never get closer to 1:36 again -because the truth is not only I am not sure I can get there at all but if I could it is a very remote possibility I am not willing to chase. This, this right here today, is my best. And it sort of reset my goals and status quo of what I can and want to do. Hard RESET. Let’s go.


Just like that, we are back to RACING!!!! I started the month with a race I had heard SO much about, the Washington DC Cherry Tree Blossom 10 Miler, an epic run through a very scenic and historic course. The race was truly beautiful, joyful and fast. The race report is here and the video recap is there as well. There was a taper before, a recovery after and then I race the Hot Chocolate 15K in Brooklyn. Also Fun. Did pretty well and the speed is coming back (slowly). Training is good for the soul. And the race results ;-). Oh and I almost forgot: I did a relay marathon in a 200-meter track. That was fun and brutal and insane and fun. More here.

Of course, there were many other fun runs, speedwork sessions, group intervals and what not. See pictures below for more:



Overall Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 127, CRAP. Three races really bring down the total with the taper and the recovery…
  • Downs: legs were sore
  • Ups: All the fast miles!!!
  • Balance: Good month overall. Hard work is starting to pay off!


was momentous!! On December 10 I started a training program (that I wrote obviously) that would take me through the NYC Half on March 17. It took 527 miles, 14 weeks, 101 miles at goal pace, 6 training partners, two continents as training grounds, and a lot of sweat to get there. The United NYC Half popped up and it was glorious. My race recap is here, and the race video recap is here if you are curious. It was not a PR or a particularly fast race but I felt strong and did amazing. I was able to crush the distance and come out happy. I love halfs. This one is super scenic and that helps.


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The other BIG thing is that I was in Buenos Aires for a week and the running was AMAZING!!!! I will post a video soon. Or maybe a “where to run” type post but for now, here are a few pictures for now:


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Running in Palermo was a total blast. Can’t wait to go back. I really will work on a post. 100%!


Overall Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 159, still ok, the taper and the post half recovery slowed me down! Though I am still somehow 31 miles ahead of the 1800 miles goal for 2019.
  • Downs: not one!
  • Ups: I had an insane 5-mile tempo that will inspire me all year. Running in Palermo. Finally managing to do speed by myself when I don’t have an option. This month was above the charts!
  • Balance: TOO GOOD


was cold and FAST. Did I tell you I have been training HARD?? I started mid-December, this is week 12 of 14. First race is the NYC Half in two weeks. Training is going amazing. The hardest part was the first 2-3 weeks… when I still didn’t think I could do it. It had been so long since I had a written-down-formal-training-program that I was a bit scared. But if my runners do it, why wouldn’t I? They inspired me. They ask for it, they pay for it, they’re not afraid… what am I waiting for??? So I did it to myself!!!!

So… it was aggressive. So far in these 12 weeks, I’ve run 83 miles under 7:30 pace. Which is what I think should be around my half marathon pace (though who knows?); that’d be around a 1:38 half, not a PR but I don’t think I am in PR shape. We shall see in the next few months… stay tuned.

February had a little snow, some cold days, some brutally cold days, lots of friends and runs, no races, and I don’t remember what else. It was chill, fun, and rewarding.



Overall Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 170. not bad. at all. for a short month
  • Downs: by the end of the month I was getting sick of the cold… as usual.
  • Ups: Training is going amazing!
  • Balance: Excited for warm weather and less laundry soon!


was something: it started REALLY HOT (the first day of the year I did speedwork in a sports bra!) and then it was record-breaking COLD. Running in the cold is so tricky… if you’re underdressed you’ll be miserable (and prone to injure stiff muscles), but if you’re overdressed you’ll also be miserable (and prone to not finish a workout either). Not only I spend way more time layering up but leveling each layer’s materials is a science I work at perfecting every day. Plus, add the wind-chill, the humidity, the area you’ll be running around, and the specific workout to the variables and it could literally cripple you in distress before you even start running… WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF, HUH?

ANYWAY… so it was hot, then cold, then freezing, then back to cold that felt warm because after freezing cold is nothing. I am, somehow, still sticking to my crazy exhausting training plan, and it’s actually going great (some days better than others!). It’s mostly 4 hard workouts a week, but I built them slooooow, so it’s all safe. Painfully horrible BUT SAFE. It’s going well. Plus, I’ve had a few good friends jump in to help in, to pace, to train with, or just distract me from my thoughts of jumping into the reservoir. They are ALL faster than me. I swear. No joke, it’s super humiliating humbling, every week. My main pacer, Pamela Hunt, just won Runner of the Year at the NYRR Club Night. And there I am, trying my best, huffing and puffing, week after week. Why? Because I a not ready to give up. Not yet.

January was a challenging month on the personal side, most of you know. It was heartbreaking but also full of joy. I am trying to navigate all those super strong emotions. We learn something every day if we keep our eyes and hearts open. I am mostly thankful to get to go through this, and to know the people in my life are super strong and we hold each other up.


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Overall Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 147. Not bad! IF I am shooting for 1,800 miles in 2019, the monthly average should be around 158, so I need to up it up a bit. I think it’s hard to put on a lot of miles when I am training because I am currently doing 4 hard workouts a week, so I need more rest than usual…
  • Downs: just the world-record-breaking really really really cold temps
  • Ups: I have managed to stick to my training even in this cold weather!
  • Balance: starting the year STRONG! Let’s go!

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