February Recap (with two halfs!)

Heeeeey peeps! Napoleon February -short and wild! I did TWO half marathons, which is insane, two weeks apart and both were awesome.

To start with, we went to Florida on the first weekend to run the Daytona Half, which was a blast. I totally planned to put together a post, and haven’t but who knows, maybe I will, but also keep breaking post promises! On the other hand, I got a cute little video. Not only it was fun, but I was also quite fast AND I came in as the 2nd Woman, which is insane for a half. Both things were very impressive -for me, but I am impressed early with my own achievements just get yourself some really low expectations!).

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Also, then, after that, or because of it, or whatever else I can add at the beginning of a random sentence, I run the Central Park Half Marathon. Holy sweaty headband Batman, what a doozy. The course is insane. I had run the exact same course in December and thought it was INSANE. Then I signed up again of course. ’cause torture, am I right? I actually felt tired and like I was pacing it poorly, and wanted to quit and not kill my legs for the next few week’s worths of workouts. I ended up running a very decent second half and a whole minute faster than the same race/course in December. Whaaaaaaat. Also, 3rd in my AG but a 1:39:04 half in that EFFING-AWFUL hard course is a win. Again, low expectations! 

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Now, in between the little tapers and the recoveries, my monthly mileage and amount of quality workouts were meh, but what can you do? Let’s jump right into it, should we?


Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 148… pretty lame
  • Downs: tapering and recovering TWICE
  • Ups: running on vacation AND running with my husband AND placing 2nd woman and doing two great halves back to back
  • Balance: Yeah, HAPPY.


was like a dream. Awesome and gone too soon. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what happened before my amazing 2 weeks and 3 days in Buenos Aires, so let me go look it up, I really can’t remember.

Well, turns out, maybe nothing interesting happened in those 10 days because all I have left if my phone are pictures of my niece… she is really cute. Who knows what had happened, also, who cares?

According to my log, I run. And I remember that on the day that I was leaving it was like 70 degrees (in January, yes, a huge shocker) so YEY for garmin global warming! Ah, yeah, speaking of that, I got a new running watch, the garmin venu, pretty cute and awesome. It was a liiiitle sensitive topic for a bit because it was a gift from my husband, and I HATE gifts… so as much as didn’t want it, I also didn’t want to be an a**hole, so I kept it. And I ended up liking it… I am crazy, I KNOW. He also knows.

So, best part… OMG I RUN EVERYWHERE IN BUENOS AIRES and it was THE BEST. I wonder if I should put together a separate post, because I am sure enough ppl will fall on it, but I am lazy so I won’t. Here is a recap: it was so amazing. OK, maybe I will put a separate post together cause I am too lazy to write it all here… I can’t win.

The other thing that happened that I am now remembering is that my cutesy-hubsy starting running with me and my group. Given he has fallen off the training wagon and is in VERY poor shape, he can run at our pace. Good????? well, I love it. Also loved having him around for all those amazing runs in Argentina… 



Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 186… I always end up with decent mileage in January in general… not sure why.
  • Downs: NONE
  • Ups: running on vacation AND running with my husband.
  • Balance: OMG Fucking AWESOME!!! Bring it on, 2020!

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