(August) Biomechanics Coaching Session GIVEAWAY


Wow, July’s giveaway was a hitttt!! Thanks all for participating!! As picked officially by rafflecopter here, the winner is… Kashi D!!

I know a few of you will be disappointed you didn’t win, so I am hosting another giveaway for August!! See below and participate!


Nine out ten people I have coached were wrong when describing their running form. And if no one had video-taped them before, how could they possibly know?? Have you ever seen your running technique close up, frame by frame? No matter how fast or slow you are, there is always something you can do to perfect or injury-proof your running skills.

Not sure what you are doing, form-wise? Or why it sometimes hurt? You know you could run better, faster, or more efficiently? You know you could glide…? Have you been injured? You know you should change your form but not sure what or how?

I am here to help!! I am giving away a Biomechanics Coaching Session a month!

Why do you need a Biomechanics Coach?

Very simple! Running is a skill and it needs to be mastered to avoid injuries and become effortless.
Over 80% of runners get injured every year, and most injuries are caused by a lack of certain skills.
Master the skills of running and you will become an efficient and injury-proof runner!

There are many ways to enter, simply follow the super simple instructions in the Rafflecopter giveaway!

At the end of August, the widget will randomly generate a winner and we’ll announce it here. PS: one condition, we are meeting in Central Park for the session!

And, if you don’t want to wait or just have bad luck with raffles, email me and we can set up a 1×1 session.

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