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Running Biomechanics: Watch Yourself!!

Until you get your form analyzed, you really have no idea what you are doing.
We all think we run like Kenyans or Ethiopians that win marathons or 10ks but we just need a little tweaking.
But until you see yourself in video, you really don’t know.

That is why I like to start my coaching sessions asking clients to tell me what they think their form looks like. And then the horror shock comes around. I even had the occasional kenyan get really upset when I what his form looked like, and was so disappointing to learn perfect form does not come naturally to everyone. The truth is, we all have a very romantic idea of what we look like. And it doesn’t always pan out that way.

Make sure you get some video, and have an open mind about it. There’s free apps like ubersense, or SloPro you can use to film yourself and slow it down and compare.
And it’s always better outside, on the road, the treadmill forces an un-natural gait.