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My Dear V

My Dear VO2 max,

I am onto you. I am coming for you.

I know how this works. It’s a slow process to get you just where I need you to be. Right where things work perfectly and everything seems effortlessly and natural. Right when I feel like everything I do is perfect and I am flying. Flying through the Air. Like Electricity.

I know there’s all these protocols to get there, conventions, and rules. I know, I am aware, I am not ignoring them. And because I wasn’t working on it for almost 6 months, you got offended and left me here. I get it. I’d be upset too. I just really had no interest in any one else while I was injured, you know: cross-training is not for me!!

But I am here, and I want us to be in this together; we need to make it work. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll do my hill sprints. I might even say yes to speedwork; but you have to be there to catch me if I am going that route. Okay? Are you with me? I am ready to come back and put all my effort in there so I can make you peak. My body is completely ready and willing to bend to your will. You can’t say no.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!
(a day late, but what’s new!??! Too crazy yesterday!)

My Dear V