ARWD – Acute Running Withdrawal Syndrome

I am sure you’ve all experienced this at some point, whether it was because of a vacation, bad weather, or… the most horrible word in the dictionary: Injury (I am sorry, I had to say it)

When I am not Running, I (mostly) MISS:

How I am able to eat tons of food I shouldn’t eat.

How I can’t say “I can’t, I have to run” to a lot of people.

Having the motivation to get out of bed (before I know I will be late for work).

How every cell in my body is either recovering, resting, or in pain, constantly.

Obsessing about mileage, speed, races, tendons, PRs and gear.

How you can let your worries and anxieties melt away into nothing.

Having a structure for my feeding and sleeping habits.

How you can easily figure out all what is wrong and what is right just by putting your gear on.

How I feel so connected to everything going on with me, physically and mentally.

Planning my long run for 1 whole week, mapping it and then eating all day the day before.

How everything else in your day seems like just a breeze after a 10 mile tempo at 6 am.

How every day I run I find something out about myself I hadn’t thought of before.

Getting lost in the trails of Central Park, on an easy run, with the Postal Service album.

How my conversation has to be limited to all the other topics in the world.

How I seem to be able to understand everyone, everything.

Feeling like myself.

—NOTE: This *might* sound depressing, but note I am mostly reminiscing about the great running year I had in 2008. can’t you see my melancholic smile? 😉

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