My Reason to Start – I

I was just reading this month’s Runner’s World. By the way, I have to make a point that the day I see RW in my mailbox is the best day of the month. I feel the magazine there waiting for me, before I even realize is “that time of the month”. And, OH, when I see it’s there, I can NOT get up the stairs soon enough to crack it open. That’s what I train my quads for!

My subscription expired in December and I was gone half the month on vacation so I completely forgot about it. I read everything online, but I still had to go out and buy it, just to confirm that I had read all the articles already… I just didn’t want to miss out on the excitement I get from the paper version… Anyway, I was just reading something and started thinking about why I started running.

And here is why. Early in 2004, I had myocarditis, a type of heart failure. This was a shock for me, for everyone who knows me and I was the talk of the hospital. You see: I don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol —but I swear I am fun sometimes!!! In short, that’s why I started Running.

That week in the hospital changed my mind about a lot of things. And I am thankful for it, as shocking and painful as it was.

Have you noticed how something horrible has to happen for us to start taking care of ourselves or see the bigger picture?

My Reason to Start – II

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