It’s ON!

Now that the taper has started, I am on a mission. I have 3 weeks to get better and ready for the race. The fact that I didn’t train enough (or well enough) and I am still in a lot of pain should be a big big problem. Also, the fact that after certain point on my long runs (in soft surfaces no less) I can’t start running again once I stop should make me freak out. Or make want to postpone the race till next year.

But no. I still think there’s hope. Even if it comes to the point where hope is all I have on my side. Crazy, I know.

For now, my Goal (A, B, and C) will be to finish. And here’s what my brain likes to see as reasons on why I could do it:
1-Toby said not to worry, “you can get beat up on the race day then heal. Keep on with massage. You’ll run by the gatorade table and swoop up a cup!” (I was worrying about how I’d refuel without stopping, which I’ve never been able to do without chocking!!)
2- My quads really hurt yesterday: signs of a good massage. Keep’em coming!
3- I am insanely determined. Crazy/insane/don’t get in my way-determined about this race.

Here’s the plan:
-keep running on dirt, that means I’ll have to skip the races I wanted to do for speedwork, just because they’re on pavement (bye Scotland Run/Run as One!! I’ll see you next year!)
-lower the mileage but start back on the speed for these last three weeks
-wear the compression band (yuk)
-ice-strengthen-massage-stretch-roll: — />all the torture you can think of!

I feel god about this plan (and sometimes you have to write it down to really commit to it!). Now, less is more. (that means less Nutella too! grrrr).

2 thoughts on “It’s ON!

  1. I know it was a while back but can you describe what your run schedule looked like those last three weeks? You mentioned lower mileage but “start back on the speed.” I am dealing with the same issue before Boston and really do not want to stop running. Have been doing very intense massage foam roll and been resting fully for three days. I hope not to lose too much endurance! Thank you so much for sharing.


    • Hi Shannon, I’d have to dig out my training log… it could take years. For what I remember I was doing the long run on the weekend (on soft dirt) and then maybe 1 run during the week, with some speed if you can handle the pain. Less is more at this point. Besides the massage, are you massaging the glutes with a baseball, are you also strengthening quads and glutes?


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