Birthday Pinks

My birthday was this past Tuesday, and it was big one. In such occasions things can turn OSOM or go horribly wrong, so I decided to play it safe and keep it low key, just in case. But I definitely had to get a run in on my b-day. As I am confined to the trails and it had been raining all day and night Monday, I thought it was going to be impossibly muddy and slippery. Not So!!! It was the perfect run, it was mushy and deserted. Deserted… in Central Park. What else could a girl want on her day? I was so happy I even hooted a little bit.

And most days, I am “a little bit of a brat” (understatement of the year!!!), but on my birthday… I go all out!!! It’s allowed, right? RIGHT? 😉
My friend T: You can wear a prom dress if you feel like it, for God’s sake.
Me: Aren’t you being blasphemous?
My friend T: NO, God WANTS YOU to wear your Jenny dress!

Me (while crossing Greene St with a red light): IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. IT’S OK!!!

Everyone at the restaurant, INCLUDING all the other patrons I didn’t know, when they came out with a candle on the dessert: Happy birthdaaaaay to youuuuu, haaaaappy birthday to you, happy birthday 

Me (putting on my tiara immediately): Elizabeth!!! Elizabeth!!!

Obviously, I had an amazing time. I am oh so happy for all the people in my life that turn those days that you sometimes dread into the perfect fantasy world I live on the other 364 days of the year.

Best wrapping EVER, top that anyone! 12409_413628120929_647680929_5566542_4983535_n 12409_413628140929_647680929_5566546_5172234_n 12409_413628160929_647680929_5566549_222935_n Disgraceful 12409_413628180929_647680929_5566553_6950402_n

The day after a b-day usually blows. I get used to all the attention pretty fast! ;-(

But, I woke up Wednesday in a ridiculously good mood. You know those? Like singing out loud in the street and smiling craziness? Had two cupcakes for breakfast, because that’s what you do…right?
this is what I call Breakfast! cupcakes or donuts...

picked an outfit and out I went to celebrate the world. Or let the world keep celebrating me. See? My b-day sometimes turns into a b-week. Or b-month if I can push it… 

The problem is that I looked like I was about to drop dead any minute. I was a little hangover…(flashbacks…)

I never never drink, so just a tiny drop really messes me up. I had also had half a cow for dinner, with 5 pounds of fries and dessert. After that, I didn’t sleep much, I even skipped my morning run in this wonderful weather. SHAME ON ME! 
Still, I felt like a million bucks, and sang Ben Folds and Passion Pit songs at work all day. For some reason, I just felt like a brand new person. By 2 pm it was obvious there was no bringing the old me back, and this was just too good to be true. Just then and there I make a call “I have to go for a run as soon as I leave work“, “But… reservations… Le Cirque…no… later?… are you insane?“, “YES, I’ll call you when I’m done“… If there’s one thing I am, it’s being reliable. It’s gotta be a crazy situ for me to change my plans. It felt like it was. 

Got to the park. It was just raw speed and focused power. I had no clue what had gotten into me. I did some very very fast 5 miles in the trails. No music, no stops, no water, no thoughts. I was like meditation, life flying, not one thought about anything. All feeling. I did feel my knee jerking, but it was not as intense as everything else that was going on.  I had just turned 35 and burned all of it in those 5 miles. All gone. It feels amazing to be able to leave all your baggage behind and get a fresh start. Like a rebirth. It was just magical. Then I floated home.

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