7 days to go: Marathon Mode ON

The week before a Marathon I turn into… something. Not sure what you’d call it, but there’s a very distinct pattern, and it’s not pretty! I go to sleep earlier. EARLY. Like earlier than my parents, my grandma, and the chickens. 10:00 pm, lights off! Ok, maybe not Monday (it’s Gossip Girl’s night). No need for fun stuff (other than Gossip Girl, see above). I need to obsess and obsess and go over the course a million times a day. I will make 3430983 lists and spreadsheets. People who want to hang out and wish me luck? I can do a quick lunch/dinner, I have a curfew.

I will watch what I eat. Yes. I will. It’s just one week a year so no need to freak out. I just avoid anything processed and fried, so it’s all natural, lots of carbs and salt. This, of course, does not apply to shake shack or nutella as usual. I will pack on the pounds, this might help make me go slower at the start in Boston.

I will run little, stretch a lot, strenghten a bit, watch movies about running, sleep 9 hours a day, and talk to anyone who’d listen about how scared and excited I am. If you talk, I might not be listening.

I will try to do a lot of stuff I will most definitely not be able to do the week after: pick stuff up from the floor, for example. Wear any shoe that shows my toes. Go down the stairs from my apartment.

I’ll be back to normal in a few weeks when I am able to walk again and go places, see people, wear heels, eat crap, and pick stuff up from the floor. Oh, and run!

Aren’t you super excited for this week??

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