Is there anything better than inspiring someone to start running?

Anything? I mean, besides being a Runner??

I sometimes feel like I am in a cult and I want to recruit everyone… everyone! EVERYONE. Nothing will stop me! I’ve gotten a so many people to start running (and to enjoy it!), you’d think I was on a commission. Wait…. wait, I should!! Hello USATF!!

And I bring this up because I got an email last week… but let me go back a little..

I am a translator and work for a translation company. Once a year, the American Translators Association meets up and there I was, in my company’s booth, representing. I got to meet a lot of people I work with in a regular basis, and a lot of new people. A bunch of those were translators from Argentina, who’d come over to chat and see how they would get around to working for us. But it was two days before the NYC marathon and I was in high heels, so the fact that I was doing a marathon in two days came out enough.

So I got an email last week, from one of the translators I met that day, saying how she started running after she met me and she wanted to let me know she was doing her first marathon this past weekend… And how running had changed her life… you know the drill… I am sure you all get those.

I had never met her before. And this was in just five minutes! We can change someone’s life in FIVE minutes!!! I say we take over the world, one little poor non-runner at a time…!

Here's a picture the sect, wearing our traditional ritual robes:

Here’s a picture the sect, wearing our traditional ritual robes

“Every devout runner has an awakening. We know the place, the time, and the reason we accepted running into our life. After half a lifetime, I’d been reborn. Most runners are able to keep a rational perspective on the devotion, and practice responsibly. I couldn’t, and became a fanatic.” “Ultramarathon man”- Dean Karnazes

What was your awakening?

10 thoughts on “THE CULT

  1. This is so true! I have found out that people I had never met had seen me out running all the time in the neighborhood and were inspired to run themselves. I was planning to cut way back on running because I was getting frustrated with my “performances” and had discovered that I love weightlifting, but I had several people asking me to either run with them, help them train or do a race with them. Then I realized that keeping my head down and doing what I was doing actually influenced people more than I imagined. One friend said, “You can’t stop, we need you!!”

    I started running consistently in the fall of 2006, did my first race in 2007, and crossing that first 5K finish line in 2007 got me hooked. After that there would be finish line crossings that were full of excitement, those that were lackluster, those wrought with disappointment, and those that were a testament to sheer force of will. There were runs that were glorious where the weather was awesome and I felt like a gazelle, and others done in the cruel, cold dark of morning that were drudgery at best. But through it all, I realize that running isi a part of me that I cannot deny, as much as some days I may want to.


    • Love this… and that it is so clear to you! I actually uploaded this old post because of another post I am putting up in a bit, I think you’re gonna love it! Thanks for sharing Lau!


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  3. My “awakening” came when I impulsively ran my first 5K- got hooked on racing- and then headed to Runner’s World for some running/training/racing tips. Found the Loop, posted, and the rest was history. Now I’m friends with Loopsters, traveled to a couple of states to run half-marathons, and now planning on running a marathon in Dec– again, with Loopsters. They’re a great “cult”. 🙂


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  6. I know this post is from three years ago, but I’m getting to know your website only now.
    I can say I have at least two “awakenings”, if it is possible.
    I started to run when I was 17 (I’m 30) with a very good friend of mine. That time we used to run only 1 mile, three times a week. In a few months we started to run 4 miles, at most, but only on vacation.
    When I was 21 I moved to another city to get my MsC degree and there I ran my first oficial race (10K). It was my first awakening. I loved it so much, the adrenaline, the amount of people doing the same thing I was doing… It was amazing and I decided to keep running and get better for the next races. The problem is that there was only one race per year in my city, so I used to stop running after the race and started running only two months before the next race. It was not very nice. It happened from 2004 to 2010.
    In 2010 I moved to Italy for 6 months to do some research for my phd. It was so cold there that I couldn’t run for 5 months (I’m from Brazil – the weather is warm here). I love the italian food and I gain 20kg (53 pounds). When I came back to Brazil, in 2011, I was frightened with my weight. Then I started to run again and that was my second awakening. I decided to run a half marathon, and I did.
    I lost 15kg in three months (40 pounds) and ran the half marathon in 1:59:40. After that I decided to get better and run a marathon.
    In the beginning of 2012 I started to run in a team (Adriano Bastos’ team). I lost another 8kg (21 pounds) in three months and in july of that year I ran my first marathon 3:31. It was amazing. Then I decided to run at least a marathon a year. Last year I ran 20 races (2 marathons, 8 half marathons and 10 races of 10k). In the beginning of this year I ran the disney world’s marathon and I’m preparing for my 4th marathon. I just can’t stop running.
    Sorry If I write too much. I just enjoy writing as much (not so much) as I enjoy running.


    • Wow, that’s an amazing story!!!! I am glad you got back into it, and for good! Yes, the italian food is amazing and can really mess you up! I know about Brazil.. I am from Argentina! Keep Running!!!


      • So we are (were) neighbors. Sorry, but I’m not allowed to follow your blog anymore. You know – Argentina is our mortal enemy in soccer… hahah
        Just kidding. Since I started running seriously I stop caring about soccer. I don’t even play anymore to avoid get injured. Running is my primary concern now.


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