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April 15, 2010 11:37 AM

 by MsRitz offline

I am having a GREAT week. And I am not going to question it!!!


First, I finally acknowledged I qualified for Boston. Yes, it’s been 5 months, but sometimes, some things sound just like they belong in dreamland. For years I thought that I wouldn’t even bother trying, that it was so out of my league. I still find it a bit hard to believe that it happened. But it did. And the dream of “finishing Boston” is around the corner… around the corner!!! Let me pause to grab a Kleenex again.


Last night I watched course videos (… ehem, my plan of going to sleep early is SO NOT working!!!), Boston marathon promos, and… my favorite: Saint Ralph!! I just love love love this movie! And that line at the end “If we are not chasing miracles, then what’s the point?” always gets to me! So true!


But, I don’t have a miracle to chase in Boston. Or a goal. And not having a time goal is something so strange to me, like Chinese… But last night, I got it. This is a completely different game from my last two marathons. I know how to run relaxed: have done it before!!


There was a 5 miler where I almost didn’t show up because I was so tired, and a pikermi earlier this year, that I used as a “long” run!! Being relaxed works for me, though it’s usually hard when it comes to racing, but I KNOW how to do it. I CAN do it!


I think it happens to most of us: we forget what we’re capable of. I sometimes have to go back and look at my log to see that I can actually do a workout because I did something similar a few weeks before. This is when I realize that having a log and a blog helps me inmensely. No more self doubt. After all, I did BQ!!!


The world is all mine again. Oh, there’s my MOJO!


PS: How much can a person really eat? I am SO tired of chewing!

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