Here we go again

For the third year in a row… Gotta get ready for the NYC Marathon!

Ten days until the “official” training begins. Only 10 days left of freedom, of “I run whatever I want to“, at “whatever pace I feel like“.. Oh, I am going to miss this “in-between-marathons phase SO much!

Bye bye traveling at the last minute and just because. Bye bye last minute decisions about races and runs. Bye bye Friday nights!!! Hello countless Nutella jars!

I am still looking at some more races so the program will have to be adjusted (a lot), but I will have to plan around it to keep my mileage and pace on track. My main goal is to get to the start line injury free! I really want to enjoy the marathon this time (unlike last november’s fiasco!).

I am using SmartCoach just like in my previous three marathons (2 NYCs, 1 Boston). Sixteen weeks. 500 miles. 7 runs longer than 16 miles, peaking at 40 miles per week (average: 31 miles per week). Four pikermis included.

I still need to find training shoes I like… Eeeek, why do they have to change models so much from one year to the next??? Huh?? WHY?

And now, to the MsRitz’s NYC Marathon Awards… Best News Ever!
My sis (little MsRitz) would be coming all the way from Argentina to watch the race. How super OSOM cool is that?? I am SO excited. SO excited. I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY!


Hopefully, she’ll see something like this: NYCM 2008
blog post photo


And NOT something like this: NYCM 2009
blog post photo


Fingers crossed, right?

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