My new addiction + US Open

I love heavy, gooey, and crunchy sweets (donuts, brownies, nutella jars, etc.), but I also love the fluffy and light stuff (souffles, mousses)… but, I’m now totally and officially obsessed with macarons*! 

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I had had them before, but a couple of months ago we had people in the office from France and they brought us two boxes…. they were the most delicious ones I had ever had… and I think I ate a whole box by myself (well, they still had ANOTHER box!!). I’ve searched and searched in the city for that Fresh and French right out of a flight lightness and found La Maison du Macaron three blocks away from the office. Isn’t that perfectly convenient or totally my downfall?

I am having them every day now. I might have to move to la France. Oui. Viva la Macaron! Sorry, I am blaming your Sugar Highness.

And, anyone watching the US Open??
I usually love it but there’s a downfall this year… Last year’s winner, Martin Del Potro, is notplaying…

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Booooo. So… I guess I am going with Nadal, as usual. I saw him running last week in CP and the boy knows how to rock a headband…! I can even tell you what hotel he’s staying at… but what do I get? 😉 

And, this is how we watch the US Open in NYC during the day…

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blog post photo

Almost the weekend!

*Just like Blair Waldorf, if you know who I mean…

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