A “Calculated” Risk: 63.4 Race Miles in 13 days

I never wanted to run. I hated all sports equally.

Then, a few years ago, I started running, very very slowly, just to mess up with my cardiologist’s plans. 
I liked it.
I never wanted to raceWhat’s the point?
In 2006, I was forced into a half marathon.
I became addicted. That was the day.
I never wanted to race a  marathon. Those long runs were scary, and I didn’t want to spend so much time training.
I did the New York City Marathon in 08, I cursed like a sailor for the first 10 minutes after crossing the finish line.
Two hours later, I was figuring out how many more races I’d had to do to qualify for next years’ NYCM.
I never ever thought I’d get to run Boston.
I was very surprised when I qualified, during the NYCM09, injured and all.
I ran my funnest and smartest marathon there this year.
I never thought I’d want to run anything further than 26.2. That sounds just about brutal enough.
Then the slower pace, the trails, the camaraderie of the all-night runs bug bit me.
I am really looking forward to my first ultra marathon.
Because of marathon planning, travelling, vacations and logistics, the first one I *could* do this year is the Knickerbocker 60K, a 37.2 miles race in Central park, around 9 loops of 4 miles each. Very convenient, the start line is less than half a mile from my apartment.
But, it is a BIG *could* because it’s exactly 13 days after the NYC Marathon…
Yes, you read that right. The marathon is on 11/07, and the 60k is on 11/13. Cue the WTF?? face I’ve been getting….
My sister was getting a flight from Argentina to come see me race the marathon, and I kept trying to convince her to stay 2 weeks so she could see me do the Ultra. She wanted to be “sure” I would do this before she got a ticket, in August. Well… I felt great after Boston10; did I run 37 miles to see how great I felt? No… there‘s the glitch in the plan….
I have no idea how long my legs need to recover. If I have to look back at the damage the NYCM does to my legs/feet/butt, it’s not a good prognosis. After NYCM08, I couldn’t run for 6 months: @*$!#&*# peroneal tendonitis #[email protected]$. After NYCM09, I was out for two months, with piriformis syndrome, then ran for a month and got ITBS. Mmmmm, not good. But after Boston I felt great, I swear, I was on a horse.
asked around in the forums: some thought I am crazy, a few emailed privately to tell me they had done it and they were fine, and now I have met someone how has the same plan for this year. So I don’t think I am completely nuts, just 63.4%.
Anyway, I can totally wait to sign up that morning. But I intend to make this one happen!
We’ll find out soon enough (61 days to NYCM10, and 74 to the Knickerbocker).

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