Treadmills suck II + Doctor Jokes

First, two things people kept emailing me about…
1- Did I faint? Given my heart issues and all that, I totally get the concern, don’t feel bad for bringing it up. I was definitively “out of it”. The speed and the heat were killing me.  That’s why I decided to get off the dreadmill to get a channel switch, mostly to get a break. The problem was that I didn’t really pause it, though I thought I did, and I just jumped out like I always do. When I came back, I assumed it was off, didn’t look down, and it was still on. That stooopid $%#%^)@$%@!! But I didn’t faint.  +1
2- About the writing while I was still in shock. I figured I had to eat something before gulping down all those motrins. And if I was going to disappear into nothingness for a few hours, this way most people would know why! I just emailed/called a few people, wrote the details for the ones who would have questions and I was off.


The Morning After

I didn’t sleep very well. My arm was hurting and I couldn’t find any comfortable position. Woke up early today and my arm still hurt a lot. Decided to leave the apt early and went to see a DR.Getting dressed was a big problem!! And getting my hair in ponytail felt like a BQ! A jacket? Forget it, impossible. Walking to the train, I wondered what day would I be able to run again… it just makes me sad. The Dr. asked what happened but then said the first rule of Fight Club is to never talk about Fight Club. Ah, I look like and idiot and I also felt like one telling him I fell of the treadmill. Seriously, how stooopid is that? He said nothing was broken in my arm but just seriously bruised, and sent me for x-rays to check for a tear or anything else just in case. Then he gave me a prescription for vicodin and I freaked out. I just finished reading Duel in the Sun (about Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley and the 1982 Boston Marathon) and Dick gets super hooked on prescription pills after an accident. I get scared and I ask the doctor “Am I not going to get addicted to that??” He said no, you’ll be fine but don’t come back to me for a refill if you do get hooked. I looked so scared he probably thought I was crazy.

Now I am just hoping I am able to run again soon.
I only have 3 long runs left. Sixteen on Saturday. I keep looking at the watch to figure out when this is all gonna be fixed. Now? Now? Now? Now??? NOW??

I need a cupcake. Or two.

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